Though one of the most commonly used functions of any building, door handles are usually overlooked as a simple décor element. While they do accent the aesthetics of a space and make a small visual statement, door levers play a part in the ease (or challenge) of opening and closing a door.

Finding the best door handle for your commercial space involves narrowing down your options based on budget, style, function, installation, and


5 Best Door Handles and Levers

View our five door handle recommendations to level up your space this year. These door levers are listed in no particular order, but we picked each based on quality, fan favorites, ergonomics, and durability.


1. Kwikset 91550-023 Lisbon Door Handle

A picture of sleek and polished steel, this door handle by Kwikset is ideal for interior rooms in modern, contemporary spaces. The square backplate combined with the slim door lever feels classic and upscale. This handle is compliant with the ADA for those with disabilities, and it is ANSI grade 2—a durable choice for commercial spaces.


2. Emtek Helios Key in Lever with Square Rosette

Add vintage flair to your space with this top door handle by Emtek. This design features a modern rectangle rosette and a slim squared lever. It features a Schlage C keyway and a standard latch for 2 3/8” backset. Installation is also easy.


3. Probrico Privacy Door Levers

This lever by Probrico is one of the best door handles for interior commercial or residential spaces, such as interior bathrooms or offices. It is made with stainless steel, and the handle is in a wave style. These door levers are easy to install and are made to fit left and right-handed doors.


4. Yale 5401LN Grade 1 Passage or Closet Latch

Built for passageways and doors that do not require locking, this Yale door lever tops our list. As it is a Grade 1 door handle, it is best for rooms in commercial buildings that require dependable access, security, and durability. It also complies with ADA standards to provide easy access for those with disabilities.


5. Mabry Passage Levers

This door handle features a smooth finish, squared angles, and a simple square rosette plate. Ideal for interior spaces, easily install the Mabry passage lever in your interior spaces. Its construction is made from zinc and comes in various finish choices to match your building’s style.


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