Are you having issues with a lock on your door? We’ve all locked or unlocked a door that required a little too much effort than it should have. Here are five easy ways to perform door lock maintenance and improve the security and function of your space.

1. Adjust the Door

Sometimes the lock isn’t the problem; it’s the door itself. Door issues are most common when wood is involved. Wood will expand when the weather changes drastically. Think of high humidity or rain. 

If your door is sticking or catching on the frame, then performing lock maintenance won’t solve the issue. You will need to either reframe or cut back the frame. Ensure the door is hung properly as well. 

2. Realign the Locks

Is your door lock not opening or locking smoothly? Is it getting caught on something? There could be an issue with the latch bolt and strike plate. In this case, you will need to realign the lock hardware. 

You can try raising the strike plate and widening the hole in the door frame. Not only will this help with lock maintenance, but it will also improve the security of your space. 

3. Unblock the Lock

Sometimes, dust and debris can clog the internal mechanisms of a lock. This could stem from build-up in the keyway or small spaces within the bolt and latch. 

The only solution here is to dig out the dirt or whatever is clogging the latch. Use a lubricant to loosen the mechanisms if needed. 

4. Dissolve Rust

A little rust can create a big problem- especially for mechanical hardware. You can treat a small amount of rust with an oil-based lubricant. WD-40 is a good, affordable option. Be sure to wipe away the lube. But if you need something more powerful, soak the lock in a mixture of water and vinegar.  

5. Prevent Freeze

Now, preventing freeze only applies to individuals who live in frigid environments. So, if you’re in Florida, you’ll never have to worry about frozen anything. 

It’s also more common to deal with frozen handles than locks, but it happens. Avoid pouring hot water on the lock. Instead, use rubbing alcohol or something similar to dethaw the lock's mechanisms. 


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