Before you even get the chance to get close to the construction site, you must pass the initial stage: winning the bid. Knowing how to win more construction bids means taking off your contractor hat and putting on a sales smile.

The project bid is your chance to make the client realize they won't find a better person for the job. It's definitely a daunting task. It can take hours to put together a proposal just for one project.

However, there is a method to the process. Follow these strategies to win more construction bids.

1. Get an Early Start

The first bid usually gets the most attention. The earlier you submit a bid, the higher chance you have of someone actually viewing your proposal and acting upon it. So, take action fast. If you want to win more construction bids, you should treat it as a competition of speed.

2. Research the Client

How well do you really know the client? Do you know what is most important to them and what will catch their eye? Do your research if you want to win more construction bids. A lot of contractors probably dismiss this as trivial. But it’s a strategic way to stand out and provide relevant context in your bid.

3. Know Your Competitors

Just as you need to know your potential client, you must be aware of your competitors. What are they offering? The goal here is to determine who they are, what they are proposing, and how you can make your bid better than theirs. If you are unaware of your competitors, you might need to conduct some field research.

4. Value Beats Price

A common perception about construction bids is that price beats value. Everyone wants the lowest price. While project cost is important, value beats price again and again. High-profile clients are far more likely to spend a little more to gain something of value than save a few dollars. A "price-cutting war" with competitors won't do you any good in the long run. Focus on defining your value proposition instead.

5. Relay Confidence

One of the simplest and most powerful ways to win more construction bids is relaying confidence. The bidding environment is highly competitive, but don't let fear or intimidation influence your strategy. Create a bid as if you already won it. Have confidence in yourself, your team, and the value you know you can provide.

Park Avenue Locks Helps You Win Bids

We help contractors win bids for metal doors and door hardware by delivering on price, quality, and quantity. Those three qualities are essential to putting together a winning bid.

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