No matter what, security should be a top priority for any commercial building. But this is not a new fact. Security has always been vital, whether it be hiring a guard for an apartment lobby or giving each employee a unique keycode.

Thankfully, advancements in door lock technology have made it possible to introduce some versatility into the mix. Commercial keyless entry systems are on the rise. And many business owners are making the switch.

Let's talk about the many different types of keyless door lock systems you can choose from and what the benefits are.

Types of Keyless Entry Systems

The best keyless entry system for your commercial building will depend on the size of the space, the purpose, and what you desire out of a door lock system.

These are the most common keyless access control systems:

  • Key Fobs
  • Mobile Access Control
  • Biometrics
  • Hybrids
  • Proximity Key Cards

Benefits of a Commercial Keyless Door Lock System

1. Easy Management

One benefit of a commercial keyless entry system is the ease of management. You can add users to the lock and manage who has access. For example, instead of giving each employee a physical key, you can simply provide them with a code to use.

2. Tight Security

Physical traditional keys are easy to lose and can be copied, which is not suitable for high-security environments. Many of the best commercial keyless locks will be encrypted for data protection, and there isn’t a key involved to lose or get copied.

3. Data Insight

Unless the door is under video surveillance, you cannot tell who opened it and when. Premium access control systems will keep track of all entry data- usually in real-time. For example, an employee might use a code to access a door, and the system will log it.

4. Remote Access

A major benefit of commercial keyless entry systems is remote cloud access. This is great for companies that need to manage multiple buildings. You can unlock or lock doors from anywhere and access insights as well.

5. Configurability

Keyless locks for commercial buildings are also incredibly configurable. Not only can you add and remove users, but you can create a master code, set an auto-lock setting, and more.  

6. Future Focused

One of the biggest benefits of a commercial keyless door lock is that its future-focused technology. You’re preventing your building from being dragged down by time, as these lock types will likely become a standard within the next couple of decades.

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