Thanksgiving is a time to feast and express gratitude for the little things, which means not having to worry about a kitchen fire or pet escaping through an open door. Here are a few tips to have a safe Thanksgiving this year that you can actually feel thankful about.

1. Prepare for Kids and Pets

Will you expect pets and kids over this Thanksgiving? If so, prepare by kid and pet-proofing your house. Put any candles or sharp objects out of reach and off tables that little ones could knock over. Have kids' snacks and toys on hand, and buy a small bag of dog food or treats to spoil the family pooch.

2. Watch the Stove Closely

According to the NFPA, Thanksgiving leads the way for most home fires involving cooking equipment. If you have a gas stove, the chance of fire is higher than for electric stovetops. So, stay in the kitchen while cooking food to keep an eye on things. Beyond fires, you’d hate to burn the pie!

3. Keep an Extra Lid or Baking Sheet Nearby

Have an extra cookie sheet or lid nearby. In case a fire does flame up—considering that it is flaming up contained within a pan—you can use this lid or baking sheet to cover the pan and smother the fire. Keep the lid or baking sheet tightly over the pan until the flame disappears.

4. Plan for Dietary Restrictions

Before you start preparing a huge menu to cook on Thanksgiving, consider your guests’ dietary restrictions. Is someone on your guest list allergic to spinach? Lactose intolerant? Diabetic? Vegan? Ask everyone who plans on coming over if they have dietary restrictions, then plan your meals accordingly.

5. Use Smart Locks That Lock Automatically

You will likely have handfuls of people coming in and out of your house all day long. Whether it be guests arriving and leaving or heading indoors and outdoors to check on the turkey, your door will get lots of use this holiday. Consider using a smart door lock to keep chaos at bay. Guests can let themselves in if needed, and you can quickly lock an unattended unlocked door from your phone.

6. Test Smoke Alarms

Is your smoke alarm working correctly? Replace dead batteries and give your smoke alarm a test before the guests arrive. This is especially important to hosting a safe Thanksgiving if you plan on doing a lot of frying in the kitchen.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Stay Safe This Holiday Season

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