Not all door hinges are made equal. Most door hinges are built to accommodate different types of doors, use, and security needs. And while a door hinge might not seem like a big deal, it is just as important as the lock. In the commercial space, safety and longevity are top concerns.

So, What Is a Commercial Door Hinge?

Unlike residential door hinges, their commercial-grade counterpart is of a thicker gauge and built for extensive load-bearing. They are usually larger than the hinges you’d use on, for example, the front door of your home. And this is because they need to stand up to the test of time and extensive traffic, as well as the external environment.

7 Common Types of Commercial Door Hinges

These seven door hinges are among the most popular to choose from.

1. Barrel Hinge

A barrel hinge uses a thick central barrel instead of a typical pin. It is secured by a pivot, and the bearing force rotates around the pivot. A barrel hinge is usually noticeable by its screw shape.

2. Piano Hinge

Also known as a continuous hinge, the piano hinge has a long length that runs the full length of the door. It is long-lasting, practical, and used when design is as important as function.

3. Gate Hinge

As the name implies, this type of commercial hinge is what connects a gate to a post. You can find different varieties of gate hinges depending on the size and strength needed, as well as the type of gate.

4. Pivot Hinge

A pivot door hinge is installed top to bottom. Think of a shower door. When you open the door, it swings out in a 180-degree fashion. If you want the commercial door to revolve completely, a pivot hinge is installed in the center.

5. Butt Hinge

This is the most common type of commercial door hinge you will see. It is a two-leaf hinge joined together by a pin in the middle. You can use butt hinges on both exterior and interior doors.

6. Full Mortise Hinge

These commercial door hinges require a bit more skill to install than the rest. They are “mortised” into the door and door jamb. This creates a smooth finish since the hardware is flush with the door frame.

7. Rescue Hinge

A rescue hinge is a unique type of door hardware. When installed, it allows you to open the door in both directions without causing damage to the frame.

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