Mortise Hinges are a Perfect Choice for Balancing the Looks and Strength of  Door Hinges.

Full mortise hinges consists of a hinge plate which is designed to have either one or both leaves mortised into; the door jamb or door and the cabinet face. Once installed, the hinges sit flush with the surface of the door and frame, leaving an appearance of a smooth finishing. Much Skill and Attention to detail is required in order to properly install a perfectly Fitting a full mortise hinge as well as to ensure that the door is fully functional.

Why to choose a Mortise Hinge? 

When looking for the Best appearance, a mortised hinge will certainly give you the cleanest final Looks. When installed on a door for a room or a cabinet, A Mortised Hinge creates a tighter fit, through mortising the hinge into the face frame or jamb and the door between the door and the frame. The more tightly the fit, the more of a professional appearance it will provide. Also, the inset cut for the hinge holds the hardware captive so the stress of door movement does not weaken the hinge.

Mortising a Hinge, How to?

Creating a mortise for a hinge can be done either with a router and a straight bit, or with a chisel and a knife. Either way, the approach starts by carefully laying a leaf of the hinge on the surfaces of the jamb or door. With a pencil, mark the centers of the screw holes and precisely trace around the hinge. When cutting the mortise one must use utmost caution using either a power or hand tool. Being extra careful with the depth of the cut, the mortise shall not go any deeper than the thickness of the hinge plate, also ensure that the edges of the jamb or face be square.

Mortised Hinge - the Advantages 

There are more advantages to mortising a hinge aside from the advantage of the appearance of the final Hinge installation, For example, The tight fit, of the installed Hinge, prevents the hinge plates from twisting out of alignment under the weight of the door and loose screws. A mortise Hinge will keep the edges of the hinge leaf within the wood of the cabinet face or door tight and  secure.

The Disadvantages of a Mortised Hinge 

While the Mortise Hinge certainly looks and works better, the Disadvantage is the additional work and the precision required for the installation. A non-mortised hinge is more easily adjusted by re-drilling the mounting holes if it is out of alignment because it sits on the surface of the door and face or jamb and. whereas, if a mortised hinge should be incorrectly positioned, it would be needed to refill the mortise, then sanded, and then re-cut in order to rectify and fix any errors of the original installation.

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