In this blog, we are going to talk about how Park Avenue Locks can help to build a secure home, does it sound difficult.

Don’t feel insecure until you’re with Park Avenue Locks, Let’s break this ice, Park Avenue is leading in the Tri-State area of New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and surrounding locations with a large inventory of architectural hardware.   

The company is very well recognized by the H.P.D and S.C.A


How Park Avenue Locks can help to figure out the best hardware and locksets for your home - There are numerous locksets and door hardware that are available on Park Avenue Store, Which are divided into sections so that you could search the stuff that you’re seeking for.

Even at Park Avenue Locks, anyone can shop locks or hardware from Top-brands.

Let’s understand this by categories.


Categorized Products - Park Avenue Locks has divided every product into its category so that customers won’t need to search a lot for a particular product, Imagine any user is searching for commercial door locks once the user arrives at the store then easily the user can find numbers of commercial locks at the store.  


  1. Commercial Door Locks - Security is crucial everywhere whether it is an office or home, When it comes to giving security to commercial places or offices that hold immense importance for everyone’s life becomes more crucial that’s when Park Avenue Locks comes with the highest standard products which are designed to give an unbeatable performance. 


  1. Residential Locks - Building an attractive home is possible just by putting some efforts, Park Avenue Locks brings the most valuable interior upgrades especially for home and offices, There are three styles of handles available, each with unique functionality and design inspiration that can replace broken or outdated doorknobs with the latest, Park Avenue Locks provide economically and attractive interior upgrades. If you’re the one who wants to give attractive shape to your home then try this once you’ll love to try it forever.


  1. Exit Hardware -  As we have revealed in the previous line that is about door safety which is critical but choosing the better one is more important, Park Avenue Locks offers a full catalog of panic exit devices, exit device trims, and exit alarms to fit in with your doors. Park Avenue Locks carries all the top brands such as call royal, and yale where customers can also shop by choosing top-rated brands.

If anyone needs any type of assistance in choosing the right products so Park Avenue Locks experts are ready to assist while choosing any products or take any resolution.


  1. Electric Strikes - Feeling insecure about the security level of the door is justified, from now stop worrying about it because electrified door hardware will improve the level of security for the door, Park Avenue Locks offers HES electric strikes along with popular electric strikes form Adams Rite and Von Duprin.


What is an electric strike - Basically an electric strike is an access control device used for door frames, Electric strike requires a power supply to function. It works in conjunction with cylindrical locksets, or rim exit devices.


About Park Avenue Locks

Choosing the right door lock for your business or home can be stressful. At Park Avenue locks, we strive to make it as easy as possible by breaking down your options and offering a wide selection to fit your style. Some of our best selling products include yale locksets, lcn door closers, hes electric strikes, door hinges, and many more. Get the best door lock brands all in one location for affordable pricing, whether you’re a custom home builder or a homeowner when you shop with us. For all your door locks and accessories, head over to Park Avenue Locks. We offer both residential and commercial door locks at competitive prices and offer free shipping on orders over $49. 

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