Are you considering implementing a commercial automatic door lock system? This type of door lock provides security and ease of access. Keep reading to learn about the different types of automated locks and opening systems for commercial buildings. We will also touch on what automatic locks are and why you should consider trying them out.

What Are Commercial Automatic Door Locks?

A popular alternative to traditional locks, commercial automatic door locks allow doors to be locked and unlocked automatically. No human intervention is required. This security hardware is popular in commercial buildings, such as offices or retail stores, and multi-tenant apartment complexes.

Why Use an Automatic Door Lock

There are several advantages to using automatic door locks. For example, locks activate immediately upon closing. That means you won’t have to manually lock the door behind you, which leads to the next benefit: security and convenience.

This type of commercial lock is very secure because it removes human error (i.e., forgetting to lock up the storage room). The convenience factor comes into play because it is one less thing you will have to think about. Just let the door lock for you with an integrated access control and proximity reader.

If you use the right system, it is possible to manage these locks remotely and personalize what other security features they connect to. You can connect them to alarm systems or panic bar hardware. So, your commercial building will remain secure during an emergency and be easily remotely unlocked for first responders.

Types of Automatic Commercial Locks

Automatic commercial door locks come in a variety of styles. We’ve listed three of the main types of locks below.

Electric Deadbolts

Picture a standard deadbolt, and that’s what this looks like. However, it is fitted with an electric function that allows it to be automatic- either a direct-throw mortise bolt or a right-angle bolt, depending on your door frame. An electric current activates the locking mechanism, allowing it to open and close on demand.

Electromagnetic Locks

Have you ever heard of maglocks or magnetic locks? These are also referred to as electromagnetic locks and consist of an electromagnet plat and armature to secure the door as soon as it closes. The electric current passes through the electromagnet to attract the armature plate, which is what keeps the door tightly secured.

Electric Strikes

If your commercial automatic door lock is fueled by 12 volts (or more) of electricity, then it is an electric strike lock. They require having an access control device, and they can be configured for hold-open, fail-safe, or fail-secure options. You might notice electric strikes by the sound they make when the lock releases.

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