Do you value having the right commercial storefront door locks to keep your business safe? Locks handles, and accompanying hardware all contribute to not only the aesthetic of your storefront but also its ability to withstand harsh use and break-ins. Here’s what you need to know about your options.

Types of Mortise Storefront Locking Hardware

Most storefront doors are made of aluminum frames and feature a hollow cavity along the edge. Because of the construction of a commercial door, hardware installed inside of a door (mortise locks) is a popular choice.


Deadbolts are a type of lock that features a durable, retractable bolt that slides into a mortise in a door frame. This is a classic and simple option for commercial spaces that don’t need anything fancy but still want high security.

Hook Bolts

A hook bolt is exactly how it sounds. The name comes from the construction of the lock itself, as there is a hook on the bolt. Sliding storefront doors work best for hook bolts.


Unlike a deadbolt, a deadlatch will lock behind you automatically after closing the door. You can also manually enter a key to lock the door from the inside. This type of commercial storefront door lock is a good idea for buildings that require after-hours entry, such as gyms or private office spaces.

Types of Storefront Door Entry Hardware

Storefront entry hardware builds upon the base of the lock you choose to create a durable, secure, functional entryway. Here are three popular options to start your search for the right entry hardware.  


A lever is a type of door entry hardware that functions similarly to a knob and is arguably the most common type of door handle. Levers come in all sorts of styles and shapes, and they are ADA-compliant for those with disabilities.

Pull Handles

Pull handles are another very common type of storefront entry hardware. You can purchase custom pull handles or simple stainless steel pull handles; there is a wide variety of styles to choose from. Pull handles are also usually mounted near the mortise cylinder (lock), so they are a safe option.

Automatic Door Operators

If you want to remove door handles and levers altogether, then opt for an automatic door operator. They detect movement via motion sensors and then open or close the door accordingly. You’ve seen this type of storefront hardware in big box retail stores like Walmart and grocery stores.

Secure Your Space With Park Avenue Locks

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