You probably don’t give much thought to the door knobs around your home or in the various buildings you enter and exit every day. When it is time to get a new one, you might find yourself looking at replacements and wondering why you never thought about the security or durability of such a simple piece of door hardware before. However, function and security matter just as much as style. Let’s dive into our pick of the best door knobs for 2022.


5 Best Door Knobs for 2022

View our five door knob recommendations to level up your space this year. These door knobs are listed in no particular order, but we picked each one based on quality, fan favorites, ergonomics, and durability.


1. Kwikset Pismo Door Knob

The Kwikset Prismo door knob is sleek and modern. It features a germ-repellent Microban coating, an emergency key, and a lifetime warranty. The build is metal with a variety of finish options, plus a latch and hardware are included for easy installation on any interior door that will require locking.


2. Schlage Plymouth Passage

This door knob by Schlage is one of our top door knobs for 2022. It is a passage knob, meaning the design is lock-free and provides a standard twisting function to open and close doors. It is ideal for interior rooms, such as pantries and closets, that do not need to be locked. It adjusts to fit standard doors and is easily installed.


3. Emtek Beaded Egg Knobset

Sturdy and creative in design, the Emtek knobset adds security and flair to your doors. This particular knobset is built for use on interior doors and can be used as a passage, privacy, or dummy door knob. It fits any door that has a standard size, and you can easily install the knobset with the included hardware.


4. Baldwin Round Rose Door Knob

If sleek and sophisticated is your style, then lean towards this Baldwin door knob. It has a durable, sturdy, heavyweight feel as it is made of solid brass and steel hardware. The flat, circular handle is paired with a square backplate for added contrast. It comes in passage, privacy, and dummy options, similar to the door knob above by Emtek.


5. Emtek Norwich Knobset

Simplicity takes center stage with this Emtek door knob. It fits standard doors and comes with installation hardware. You can purchase this knobset in a range of finishes, and it is available in privacy, dummy, or passage variations.


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