If you’re part of the American education system, then you are familiar with the ongoing conversation about classroom door locks. Should they exist, and if so, what are the requirements for locks on classroom doors?

In general, locks should be durable, secure, convenient, and ensure simple user functionality. Does that same rule apply in schools and universities?

If you’re wondering if your school should implement or refine your classroom door lock policies, read on.

Why Classroom Doors Need Locks

Many public buildings are federally regulated, which is why the argument about classroom locks has been so extensive. Classroom locks add an extra barrier of protection for each individual classroom, and they are still necessary even if you have reliable building locks on all of the main exits.

If unregulated personnel is in the building, classroom locks should be automatically locked from the outside or easily locked from the inside upon school-wide notification.

Considering the current concerns with school safety, locks can be life-saving for students and staff. While most people will agree that locks are effective, there are some requirements to keep in mind. It’s just as important that individuals can unlock the door and get outside efficiently in the case of a fire or natural disaster.

The Most Important Classroom Lock Requirements

In the past, classroom locks required someone to lock the door from the outside. This adds an extra step that puts everyone at risk in the case of an active emergency. An entry should be lockable from the interior without the need to open the door.

Additionally, classroom locks should allow anyone inside the room to exit easily without needing an additional key. Simple and convenient functionality is important for ensuring classroom locks are suitable for all ages and situations.

For example, a teacher should be able to unlock a classroom door from inside with one hand without needing special equipment or key insertion. The handle should be easy to use without any added struggle or extensive effort.

While it’s important that classrooms can be locked from the inside, they should also be able to be unlocked or locked from the outside with a special key. In this case, school personnel should be the only people with access to these keys.

If there was a situation where someone was injured or stuck inside a classroom, this would be an essential safety precaution!

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