These are the seven best door locks that our research brought up for the year 2021. They range from Yale locksets to mortise locksets in terms of brand, technology, and cost, with HES electric strikes coming in at the lower end. They cover many different styles of door locks for homes and businesses, but they all have a similar purpose: to keep unwanted guests out.

  1. Yale locksets

Yale's locksets come in a few different varieties, but the one with the most options is the Yale Real Living line. These door locks are best for homeowners since they are designed to be used on interior doors only. The main advantage of the Yale Real Living line is that it is available in a wide variety of finishes and styles. From satin brass to anodized aluminum, there is something for everyone. The Yale Real Living line also offers an array of repair kits to keep your door lock running smoothly for as long as possible. Apart from this product range, Yale also has a wide array of locksets including Yale’s popular cylindrical locks.

Yale 455LN-D Grade 1 and one of the most trusted Yale 8808-2FL Intruder Latchbolt Mortise Lever Lock are some of the bestselling products in the market.

  1. Emtek Octagon Mortise Lock

If you're looking for a door lock that will keep burglars away but won't break your budget, the Emtek Octagon is one of the best mortise locksets you'll find. It's an affordable option with a simple design for keeping unwanted guests out. It comes in either a deadbolt or a knuckle style and it has enough options to fit into most homes and businesses. The Kwikset 909 might not have all the features of the Yale Real Living line, but its combination of affordability and style make it easy to install in almost any home.

  1. HES 1006CLB Complete Pac Electric Strike

The HES 1006CLB Complete Pac Electric Strike is a popular electric strike designed for commercial and light-duty industrial use. Offering up to 1 million cycles of usage, this unit is an optimal choice for those seeking durability in an electric strike. The HES 1006CLB also includes a built-in door positioner so you can get just the right amount of force to securely lock doors in place without requiring modifications to your door hardware. The HES 1006CLB Complete Pac Electric Strike has a five-year limited warranty.

  1. HES 9500 Electric Strike

If you're looking for an affordable and easy-to-install solution to securing your home, office, or building, a HES 9500 Electric Strike may be the right fit for you. This would work especially well if you need to secure multiple doors from one location. These are designed not just to keep intruders out but also provide added convenience with features like temper resistance and dual voltage support that allows you control access.

The HES 9500 is an excellent option for those looking for ease of installation and effectiveness in keeping unwanted people out of their space.

  1. Cal-Royal NM8010 Passage Mortise Lock

Are you looking for a lock that not only looks appealing but functions beautifully as well? Then look no further than the Cal-Royal NM8010 Passage Mortise Lock. This little beauty is highly aesthetic and has a unique design that is mesmerizing, to say the least. Made with high-quality components, it can provide secure protection while also appearing sophisticated and stylish on your door frames. It's easy to install, too.

  1. Emtek Craftsman Entry Mortise Lockset

Emtek Craftsman Entry Mortise Lockset is a deadbolt lock for entry doors, featuring an installation that takes only minutes. It does not require a doorknob, and all hardware is included. The thumb turn on the exterior side of the door operates with just one hand, making it easy to open from either side of the door. This lockset is available in unique finishes.

The Emtek Craftsman Entry Mortise Lockset is a great option for your home! With its quick installation and traditional look, this lockset will be perfect for your home's entryway or other exterior doors that have no doorknobs.

  1. Yale 351 Double Cylinder Mortise Deadlock

The Yale 351 Double Cylinder Mortise Deadlock is an ordinary deadlock, it is made of high-quality material available in a variety of finishes. It has a crossbar that swings up to engage the double locking bolts and a keyed cylinder on the inside so you can lock-unlock it. The Yale 351 Double Cylinder Mortise Deadlock comes with an install guide or can be fully installed by professionals for additional fees which may vary depending on your location.

Yale 351 Double Cylinder Mortise Deadlocks are made from durable material that will resist forceful entry from burglars as well as regular wear and tear.

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