There are four main types of screen door closers. After considering the best screen door for your house or business, you’ll need to choose the closer type accordingly. The main differences are where the closer connects to the door and frame and where the spring box is located. Let’s dive into the different types of door closers.

Standard Screen Door Closer

This closer type will have a spring box attached to the pull side of the door. This design is heavy-duty, making it an excellent option for commercial or frequently used screen doors.

A standard door closer usually has one arm that connects to the spring box and one more extended arm that connects to the doorframe. However, this style can also be used in top-jamb and parallel-arm positions.

Top-Jamb Screen Door Closer

This closer has solid arms and a spring box, ideal for commercial or industrial use. The spring box is attached to the push side of the door, nestled on the door frame.

Similar to the standard screen door closer, the arms project perpendicularly. Some people don’t favor this design feature, so they opt for a parallel-arm or surface-mount style which is a bit more concealed.

Parallel-Arm Screen Door Closer

While this door closer isn’t as strong, it’s still used in commercial settings. The spring box is on the push side of the door, with a parallel arm that extends to the side. An additional arm connects to the bottom of the doorframe.

This style is more subdued and less apparent than the standard perpendicular style. The second arm pivots to control the closing force of the door. If you are in a high-stakes environment with a high frequency of use, this style may be less durable. 

Surface-Mount Screen Door Closer

If you are looking for a closer for your residential home, a surface mount screen door closer may be suit you. A mounting bracket connects the doorframe and a single parallel arm that attaches to the push side.

Instead of a spring box, this style uses a hydraulic tube that controls the closing force of the door. This assures your door closes slowly and secures back into place.

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