Pocket doors are a fun, clever, functional addition to any home or commercial space. They add a unique look to the overall design of the room. But choosing hardware for pocket doors is much different from their traditional swinging counterpart.

Selecting the best pocket door hardware is easy once you know the basics. First, let’s talk about what a pocket door is and when you might want to use a single or double pocket door in your space.

What Is a Pocket Door?

A pocket door is a sliding door that disappears into the wall when it’s opened. The door literally fits right into a cutout pocket in the adjacent wall. When you want to close the door, simply pull it out of the pocket across the entryway until it touches the other wall.

Double pocket doors look a bit like French swinging doors, except each door slides into its respective wall and doesn't swing open. You will need to install pocket frames on both sides of the wall so that each door can then be mounted inside its respective frame.

Uses for Double or Single Pocket Doors

In a commercial sense, we see pocket doors used in spas, closets in hotel rooms, and other similar uses. Though not as popular in commercial spaces, single and double pocket doors are a favorite to use in homes.

Double pocket doors are a wonderful way to create a larger opening compared to a single swinging door. The large opening creates a grand appearance as far as design goes.

You can also use single or double pocket doors in tight entryways to make the space more functional and walkable.

How to Choose Pocket Door Har