A very common question that many people ask is, “What’s the difference between residential and commercial hinges?” Maybe you knew there was a difference, but you didn’t know the exact specifics that set them apart.

Let's start by going over commercial vs. residential hinges for your doors and explain the hinge hardware itself.

Hinge Hardware Explained

A hinge is a type of door hardware that is essential to any door, commercial or residential. It attaches the door to the frame and serves as a pivot point, which just means it enables the door to swing open and close.

Now, hinge hardware might look the same (unless decorated with a pretty pattern). But there are many types of commercial hinges and residential ones too.

Commercial vs. Residential Hinges for Doors

Different types of door hinges are used for various purposes. For example, you wouldn’t want to use a residential hinge on a commercial building. So, to make sure you pick the right hinge hardware for your project, here are a few differentiators to make a note of.

Hinge Grade

Arguably the most important difference between commercial and residential hinges is their grade. Door hardware is graded by level of protection, durability, and security. Most residential door hinges will be a Grade 3, which is secure enough for your home. However, commercial hinges will always need to be Grade 2 or Grade 1 for heavy-duty use.

Metal Thickness

The metal thickness of the hinge itself is a huge differentiating factor between commercial and residential hinges. Naturally, a commercial hinge wil