Schools are created to be safe environments for learning and education, although the risk of danger still weighs heavy on many people's hearts. Whether you are a K-12 or university-level institution, superior emergency safety solutions can be a life-changing addition to keeping everyone safe on campus.

In this article, we will break down our three must-know solutions to school emergency safety you may want to consider.

Smart Door Locks and Access Control Settings

Technology continues to evolve, giving school systems added leverage in the safety department. Monitoring campus with access control technology helps prevent potential crime or unwelcome guests from coming on the property. This is beneficial during and after business hours.

Additionally, smart door locks are on the rise for many public schools because it allows authorized personnel to lock down the entire campus or certain high-risk areas in the case of an emergency.

In a real-life situation, every second counts. Classroom and building door locks that can be deployed quickly by specialty personnel are an ideal way to keep everyone safe.

School Security and Alarm Systems

Similar to how a homeowner would protect their house, schools can benefit significantly from school security and alarm systems. Security systems can be set up across campus or in high-risk areas that will signal a break-in if unregulated individuals enter the area.

Furthermore, alarm systems protect everyone from fires, property damage, violence, and natural disasters. According to building code requirements, all schools are mandated to have fire alarms present. However, as mentioned above, it’s just as important to leverage advanced technology that protects your staff and students f