Corbin Russwin CL3357 Heavy-Duty Storeroom Lock

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The CL3300 series is a Grade 1 cylindrical lockset manufactured with the highest quality materials to ensure strength, durability and quiet operation. Available in all standard architectural finishes and four lever designs, the CL3300 series subtly complements any high-use commercial, industrial and institutional application.

Corbin Russwin CL3357 Heavy-Duty Storeroom Lock

Storeroom Lock - ANSI F86

Deadlocking latchbolt by key in outside lever or by rotating inside lever. (Lever handle is freewheeling in locked position.) Inside lever always free.

Levers Styles: Armstrong, Newport and Princeton Lever

Finishes: 605 (US3) Bright Brass, 606 (US4) Satin Brass, 612 (US10) Satin Bronze, 613 (US10B) Dark Oxidized Satin Bronze, Oil Rubbed, 625 (US26) Bright Chromium Plated, 626 (US26D) Satin Chromium Plated


Door Thickness: 1-3/4" (44mm) - 2" (51mm) standard. Optional: 2" (51mm) - 2-1/4" (57mm) (please call).

Lock Chassis: Steel, zinc dichromated for corrosion resistance.

Backset: 2-3/4" (70mm) standard. Optional: 3-3/4" (95mm) and 5" (127mm) (please call).

Stainless steel with 1/2" throw. Optional: 3/4" throw deadlocking fire latch for pair of doors (please call).

Auxiliary Latchbolt: Deadlocking latchbolt prevents manipulation when door is closed.

Front: Wrought brass, bronze, or stainless steel, 2-1/4" (57mm) x 1-1/8" (29mm). Accommodates flat doors and doors beveled 1/8" (3mm) in 2" (51mm).

Cylinder: Brass, 6-pin, L4 keyway standard.

Keying Features Available: Master keying, Construction master keying, Interchangeable core (IC).

Strike: Wrought brass, bronze or stainless steel ANSI curved lip, 4-7/8" x 1-1/4" x 1-1/4" lip to center standard. Optional strikes, lip lengths and ANSI wrought strike box available (please call).

Keys: Two nickel silver standard.

Warranty: Seven-year limited.

Model: Corbin Russwin, CL3357, CL3357NZD, CL3357NZD605, CL3357NZD606, CL3357NZD612, CL3357NZD613, CL3357NZD625, CL3357NZD626, CL3357AZD, CL3357AZD605, CL3357AZD606, CL3357AZD612, CL3357AZD613, CL3357AZD625, CL3357AZD626, CL3357PZD, CL3357PZD605, CL3357PZD606, CL3357PZD612, CL3357PZD613, CL3357PZD625, CL3357PZD626

CL3357NZD605CL6, CL3357NZD606CL6, CL3357NZD612CL6, CL3357NZD613CL6, CL3357NZD625CL6, CL3357NZD626CL6, CL3357AZD, CL3357AZD605CL6, CL3357AZD606CL6, CL3357AZD612CL6, CL3357AZD613CL6, CL3357AZD625CL6, CL3357AZD626CL6, CL3357PZD, CL3357PZD605CL6, CL3357PZD606CL6, CL3357PZD612CL6, CL3357PZD613CL6, CL3357PZD625CL6, CL3357PZD626CL6

CL3357NZD605M08, CL3357NZD606M08, CL3357NZD612M08, CL3357NZD613M08, CL3357NZD625M08, CL3357NZD626M08, CL3357AZD, CL3357AZD605M08, CL3357AZD606M08, CL3357AZD612M08, CL3357AZD613M08, CL3357AZD625M08, CL3357AZD626M08, CL3357PZD, CL3357PZD605M08, CL3357PZD606M08, CL3357PZD612M08, CL3357PZD613M08, CL3357PZD625M08, CL3357PZD626M08


ANSI: Meets A156.2 Series 4000, Grade 1.

More Information

Advantages: Patented Lever ReleaseTM (Patent # 4,920,773) for vandal resistance  Solid cast levers Independent return springs to prevent lever sag Through-bolted cylindrical chassis prevents rotation and ensures proper alignment ANSI Grade 1 certification Trim and keying compatible with other Corbin Russwin locksets

Vandal Resistance: Engineered to meet todays increased security needs, the CL3300 series offers several advantages. All functions feature the Lever Release design for vandal resistance, allowing the outside lever to rotate when in the locked position.

ANSI: Meets A156.2 Series 4000, Grade 1. Meets A117.1 Accessibility Code.
Federal: Meets FF-H-106C. California State Reference Code (Formerly Title 19, California State Fire Marshal Standard) All levers with returns comply; levers return to within 1/2" of door face.

C-UL US: All locks with 1/2" (13mm) throw latchbolt listed for A label and lesser class 4' x 10' single doors. All locks with 3/4" (19mm) throw latchbolt listed for A label and lesser class 8' x 10' pairs of doors. Letter F and UL symbol on latch front indicate listing.