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Knob Locks

Upgrade Your Home's Security with a High-Quality Door Knob Lock

Door knob locks are a popular and affordable way to secure your home or office doors. They are easy to install and offer an effective way to keep unwanted visitors out. Whether you're looking to secure your front door, bedroom, or bathroom, a knob lock can provide the peace of mind you need. 

It is installed directly onto the doorknob. It usually consists of a cylindrical lock mechanism that fits into the door knob, with a latch that can be activated by turning the knob. A door knob comes in various styles and finishes to match your home's decor.

A door knob with a lock is a popular choice for several reasons. Firstly, it is easy to install, requiring only a few basic tools. Secondly, it is an affordable option compared to other types of locks. Thirdly, it offers a simple and effective way to secure your doors. 

You can use a knob lock on both interior and exterior doors. They are commonly used on bedroom and bathroom doors and entry doors that don't require a deadbolt. When choosing a knob lock, consider the security level, ease of use, and style to ensure you find the right lock for your needs.

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What Kind Of Door Knob Lock Do You Need?

A door knob with lock has a variety of purposes for various applications, such as closet doors, bathroom doors, and external doors. Here's a quick rundown of all types of door locks and their use.

Keyed entry door knob lock 

Entrance or keyed entry knobs are commonly found on external doors. The inside of a keyed entrance knob will differ depending on the manufacturer. On the left, there is a keyed cylinder on the outside and an internal push button lock that releases when the knob is rotated. 

Some door hardware manufacturers include a turn button on the knob itself that must be manually opened. A keyed entrance knob lock is typically used on commercial door locks, garage doors, and the external door between the garage and the dwelling. 

Privacy door knobs

On the left of this lock, there is a pinhole on the outside and an inner push button lock that releases when the knob is twisted. Some door hardware companies feature a turn button on the knob that must be manually unlocked and a pinhole on the end of the knob instead of the rosette displayed. 

Bed and bathroom knobs are unlocked by inserting a generic key into the pinhole on the rosette or knob. Privacy door knobs are typically used in bedrooms and bathrooms or anywhere privacy is desired, but a keyed lock is not required. 

Dummy knob lock

Dummy knobs are one-sided, false knobs with no operating parts. The mounting method will differ depending on the manufacturer. They are typically surface mounted or installed from behind, much like a cabinet knob. 

Dummy knobs are sold in pairs since they are frequently used on sets of double doors. You can commonly find them on shallow closet doors. Shallow closets don't have enough space inside and don't require a knob to get out because you never walk in and close the door behind you. 

While not in use, these closets typically include a ball catch or magnetic catch at the top to keep the door closed. Dummy door knob lock handles are also commonly employed on the inactive side of a french door. 

Hall, closet, and passage door knobs

The passage door knobs are non-locking. They do not have keyed cylinders or locking buttons. Passage or hall door knobs with mortise locksets and closet door knobs are used on closets, laundry rooms, and other areas that do not require a privacy lock.