Schlage A30D Grade 2 Patio Knob Lock

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As low as $89.00
  • Push-button locking
  • Turn inside knob or close door to release button and prevent lock-out

Patio Lock: Push-button locking. Turning inside knob or closing door releases button, preventing lock-out.

From military barracks and offices, to fine residential homes, Schlage A Series knobs easily stand up to constant use and abuse, while keeping people and property safe. Our A Series locks have an ANSI Grade 2 rating and come in a choice of styles and finishes that fit your building’s design.

The lock that’s built to last

  • Cold-rolled steel, and machined and threaded hubs prevent loosening of the lockset by
    bolting the chassis to the door
  • Heavy-duty cast mounting plate with specially tapped holes, keeps lockset tight on the door
  • Patented door range adjuster allows quick and easy adjustment for doors ranging from 1 3⁄8"
    to 1 7⁄8" (35 mm to 48 mm) thick