Rockwood 441H Cast Universal Dome Stop

  • Rockwood floor mounted door stop for use with multi-style doors
  • Uniquely fashioned with low lip and high dome height to assure will fit most doors
  • DuraFlex rubber bumper proves to be ultra resilient for constant use
  • Fastens with plastic anchor for a supportive application
  • Available in 8 different contemporary metallic finishes
  • ANSI A1 cetified for security, durability, and finish

Rockwood 441H Cast Universal Dome Stop

Solid Cast Brass with DuraFlex Bumper

Features: Low lip dome stop with height of high dome stop, eliminates the need to determine requirement for traditional low or high dome stop - one stop for all applications. Integral cast pin for added strength. Universal screw pack included for all floor conditions.

Fastener: #12 x 1-1/4" FH WS, plastic anchor; #12-24 x 1" FH MS, lead anchor 

Base: 7/32" h x 1-7/8" dia.

Height: 1-11/16"

ANSI A156.16: L02141/L02161