Rim Exit Devices

What is a Rim Exit Device?

An exit device, also known as a push bar, panic exit device, or panic bar, is a type of door hardware that allows people from inside the building to exit without having to unlock the door while the doors remain locked from the outside. 

A Rim Exit Device is constructed of a spring-loaded metal bar that is fixed horizontally to a door, on the side that swings in the direction of an exit. Pressing on the bar unlatches the door, allowing occupants to leave the building quickly. This type of device can be used on single doors or pairs of doors that have a vertical mullion in between the doors, and the strike plate is surface mounted on the frame. It can also be used on the one door of a double door, with a double door strike applied on the inactive door. 

Rim Exit Devices are a safe and practical way of unlocking a door from the inside. Park Avenue Locks proudly stocks a large variety of rim exit devices, from leading brands such as Yale and Cal-Royal, in many standard finishes, bringing you the best quality hardware that is functional as well as aesthetically pleasing.

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Exit Devices are usually installed  where mandated by code, to provide building occupants a fast and secure egress in emergencies. It is also commonly used in places where it's not required by law, due to its durability and ease of use. 

A rim panic device is the simplest configuration of panic hardware, and the easiest to maintain. It is surface-mounted on the door, with the latch projecting from the panic device rather than the door frame. This easy configuration makes it ideal for single as well as pairs of doors in combination with a removable mullion. The removable mullion is a very safe application for double doors because the vertical adjustment of the doors is not as crucial as it is with vertical rod devices. 

Rim exit devices are available in three basic styles. To identify the one you'll need for your project depends on aesthetic requirements, door design, and some other factors.

Touchpad Style:

Most modern buildings will use the touchpad style, due to its flexibility to work with electrified options. This style works well with an electrified lever trim, electric latch retraction, delayed exit, or where controlled egress is necessary. 

Crossbar Style:

Glass doors or places with a vintage scheme will use the crossbar style. This style is preferred where aesthetics are more prominent than electrified options. Due to the limited space in the device to house electronic components, electrified options are limited. The door's width must be taken into consideration when choosing a crossbar style exit hardware. 

Recessed Style:

Hollow metal doors work best with the recessed style. This type of exit device reduces the projection of the hardware on the door, thus requiring a cut-out in the door. 

Various types of panic hardware are available in rim exit devices. Please browse through our complete product line, which is available in many sizes, styles, and finishes. Our knowledgeable staff is standing by to help you find the one that best fits your specific needs. If you don't see it here, don't hesitate to contact us. The chances are that we have what you need and for a great price.