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Surface Vertical Rod Exit Devices

Surface Vertical Rod Exit Devices

What is a Surface Exit Device?

An exit device, also known as a push bar, panic exit device, or panic bar, is a type of door hardware that allows people from inside the building to exit without having to unlock the door while the doors remain locked from the outside. 

A Surface Exit Vertical Device is applied on the surface of the door featuring a vertical rod along the door's length that will latch into the top and bottom of your door frame. This application ensures a safe and secure latching option for single and double exit doors. It is most commonly applied to exits with double doors.

Surface Exit Devices are a safe and practical way of unlocking a door from the inside. Park Avenue Locks carries a large selection of surface exit devices, from leading brands such as Yale and Cal-Royal, in many standard finishes. We pride ourselves in bringing you the best quality hardware that is functional as well as aesthetically pleasing.

Exit Devices are usually installed were mandated by code to provide building occupants a fast and secure egress in emergencies. It is also commonly used in places where it's not required by law, due to its durability and ease of use.

Exit Devices are available in four basic styles. Here is a quick summary of the most popular exit devices. 

Rim exit devices feature a latch that engages a strike, which is surface mounted to the soffit of the frame. These are most commonly used with single doors.

Mortise exit devices feature a mortise lock body that sits inside a pocket prepped in the side of the door. These are most commonly used with a standard strike prep.

Surface Vertical Rod Exit Devices latch into the top and/or bottom of the door frame, making it the best option for exits with double doors without a mullion. These are applied to the surface of the door. 

Concealed Vertical Rod Exit Devices latch into the top and/or bottom of the door frame, making it the best option for exits with double doors without a mullion. These are concealed in the door for added security and/or for aesthetics.

Vertical rods are mostly used with double doors where both doors can be opened separately without the other door. They have the option of having latches at both the top and bottom of the door, although it is usually only used with the top latch. Many don't like to use the bottom latch because it could drag on the floor and cause damage. The top latch engages a strike on the soffit of the frame's head-piece. 

Surface Vertical Rod Exit Device Options: 

Exit devices have a lot of functionality available for many different applications. Before you install any of these functions, you will need to ensure that they comply with any applicable codes. 

Here are the most common options usually applied to exit devices.

  • Security Indicators
  • Exit Alarms
  • Electric Latch Retraction
  • Delayed Egress
  • Cylinder Dogging and Electrical Dogging

In addition, exit devices can be paired with many different trim options and other hardware, to allow entrance into the room from the outside. 

Various types of panic hardware are available in surface vertical rod exit devices. Please browse through our complete product line, which is available in many sizes, styles, and finishes. Our knowledgeable staff is standing by to help you find the one that best fits your specific needs. If you don't see it here, don't hesitate to contact us. The chances are that we have what you need and for a great price.