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Lock Grades Explained

The first step to ensuring your safety and security when purchasing a commercial door lock is educating yourself about the rating system put in place by the American National Standards Institute. Since we at Park Avenue Locks know choosing the right commercial door lock may seem daunting, we are on a mission to make it clear: because an educated consumer is the best consumer!

According to a recent consumer reports article many locks lack the level of protection you might expect when purchasing a lock. "A few well placed kicks or a couple of minutes under assault from a cordless drill was all it took to defeat almost all locks tested." That’s why smart consumers and contractors know to rely only on a commercial door lock with an ANSI rating. (See complete consumer reports article here.)

What is the difference in ANSI lock ratings?

Grade 1 Door Locks

Grade 1 door locks are the highest level of ANSI ratings for locks. These locks are mostly intended for commercial security door locks. To qualify as a Grade 1 commercial door lock, a lock must go through rigorous testing. It must withstand 800,000 opening and closing cycles, 6 door strikes, (where a lock must withstand being banged at with a hammer) and a 360 lb. weight test. Grade 1 Door Locks are the Cadillac of commercial door locks. They are perfect for heavy duty traffic areas, commercial office buildings, exterior school doors and hospitals. They are the ideal lock to ensure your safety and security since they are much harder for thieves or vandals to break into. Grade 1 Locks are commonly found in school auditoriums, exit door hardware, or any commercial building where maximum security and lock durability is valued.

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ASNI Grade 2 Locks

ANSI Grade 2 locks are rated by ANSI for commercial usage but in areas where there is standard traffic flow. In order to qualify for an ANSI Grade 2 rating, each locks has to go through 400,000 opening and closing cycles, 4 strikes to the door with a hammer and a 250 lb. weight test. Grade 2 locks are the economical choice for commercial building with standard traffic flow. Standard traffic would be described as a building with under 100 patrons a day such as interior office doors, interior classroom doors, hotel doors and storage rooms. ANSI Grade 2 locks would stop unauthorized personal from walking through your door, but would have less an effect on a deliberate forced entry than a commercial lock with a Grade 1 from ANSI.

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At Park Avenue Locks all of our commercial door locks meet or exceed ANSI Grade 1 or ANSI Grade 2 ratings.
Do you need help deciding which different lock grade would work for your commercial door? Our dedicated staff is standing by and ready to explain all the different lock grades available.
Contact us now via our easy form here or email us at and experience our dedicated service for yourself!

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