Norton Door Closers

Norton Door Controls continuously develops cutting-edge door control solutions for swing door applications, the company’s dynamic portfolio of mechanical Norton closers and electronic door operators allowing a building to be outfitted with code-compliant solutions tailored to an occupant’s needs. Whatever your door control challenge, you can rely on Norton and Park Avenue Locks for superior product performance and reliability.

In offering a comprehensive line of door controls designed and manufactured to ensure superior performance, reliability and application breadth, today’s Norton operation brings traditional surface, industrial economy, overhead concealed, commercial and architectural grade closers to a legion of customers, while a unique range of arms help provide maximum door and frame protection.

Why Choose a Norton Door Closer?

Norton Door Controls has developed reliable door closing solutions that are manufactured with performance and reliability in mind. Norton closers are designed for a myriad of usages, allowing your building to be outfitted with a solution tailored to the distinct needs of every door. When it comes time to protect your patrons and your door hardware, look no further than Norton and Park Avenue Locks to provide the quality door closers that meet the demands of all door types.

How Do You Choose?

From basic, low-use door closers to heavy-duty variants, a quality closer provides a proficient dosage of user safety and building security/efficiency – regardless of where your desired closer falls in the plethora of offerings. In general, the selections come down to two choices when going with a door closer from Norton: Economical (or budget-friendly) and premium (best-in-class).

Economical/Budget-Friendly Options

Norton’s offerings begin with the 160 Series rack-and-pinion closer and move through the 210 Series adjustable closer and 410 Series cast iron closer; the 160 Series is a Grade 1 closer suitable for office doors, utility doors and strip mall applications, boasting an adjustable spring (size one through four or size four spring). Independent latch, sweep and backcheck intensity valves complement a five-year warranty.

The 210 Series is a Grade 1 opener designed for light traffic openings and comes with adjustable spring (size one through six) and 10-year warranty. The 410 Series closer is a Grade 1 retrofit solution for retail, office, government and commercial facilities, with standard and heavy-duty arms available.

Best-in-Class/Premium Options

Norton offers traditional surface closers in this class for medium and heavy-duty applications, with smooth and constant control and suitability for interior and exterior applications, as well as cam action door closers with low opening resistance, non-handed characteristics and optimum closing force/control.

Rounding out the premium selections are concealed overhead closers and electromechanical closers.

Park Avenue Locks has the Norton door closer you need at the right price.

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