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Locks company

Locks on doors make an essential part of the door, whether it is for your home or commercial property. It depends on your personal preference, the location and the degree of security and quality required to choose the right type of products with ease of locking door.

How much does a door lock cost?

There is no standard door locker/door hardware or a standard price for everyone. How much a door lock will cost depends on a number of factors: residential or commercial property, single or double cylindrical door lock, Grade 1, 2 of 3 door lock security. Then come the aesthetics, quality and brands. You will be able to find a number of similar locks doors from different brands. However, one good thing is that products from different brands falling in the same category cost more or less the same. 

Where to buy door locks

Park Avenue has partnered with a wide range of credible and known door lock companies to provide customers with safe and durable locks for doors at competitive prices. We have all types of door locks available ranging from commercial to residential.

In the commercial catalogue, we offer: 

  • Cylindrical/ Lever
  • Mortise  
  • Deadbolts 
  • Push-Pull Latch Sets 

For the residential/home doors we have:

  • Decorative Cylindrical
  • Decorative Mortise

You get to choose from hundreds of products from top-rated brands such as Schlage, Falcon, Yale etc. This wide variety of door hardware options and brands enables our customers to land at the perfect lockset option fulfilling all their security requirements.

How to remove a commercial doorknob

There are four easy steps to removing a commercial doorknob:

1.    On the lock side of the doorknob, look for a recessed hex-head setscrew or a thin slot.

2.    If you find a thin slot, put your flathead screwdriver to work and pull the doorknob towards yourself or away from the knob body. If you find a recessed setscrew, screw it anticlockwise until the doorknob comes off from the knob body.

3.    Once it is off, you need to pull off the rose cover from the knob body. you might find an additional thin slot on some doorknobs. Use a small screwdriver to free the cover from the door.

4.    Use a Philips screwdriver and ensure you put a hand on the other side of the doorknob so it won’t fall and unscrew the knob body. Once the screws are pulled, you will have removed both sides of the knob

How to change commercial door lock

Here is a simple step guide to changing a commercial door lock:

1.    Unbox the new lockset and place it out left to right on a flat surface

2.    Remove the already existing latch and latch bolt and install a new one

3.    Place the cylindrical housing through the door hole

4.    On the support plate, place the outside rose

5.    Screw-in the inside support place by placing it over the lever sleeve

6.    Use two short screws to secure the inside rose insert place to the support plate inside

7.    Now slide in the inside lever over the sleeve and put it in place

8.Finally, put on the outside lever over the sleeve and click it into place as well

To Conclude

Park Avenue Locks is a company that offers professional locksmith door lock changing service. You can get all sorts of door lock hardware such as locksets, door closers etc. Our door lock service is not limited to changing but also repairing, removing and fixing existing locks at the hands of an experienced locksmith