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Things to Consider While Choosing Door Locks

Is your front door secure?

Door locks are your first line of defense against home and business intruders.

But with countless options available on the market, you might not know where to begin your search.

As professional locksmiths, we have spent decades working with multiple door locks and want to share some of our knowledge with you.

Check out our recommendations for how to choose the best door locks for your home or business. 

How to Choose the Best Door Locks—What to Look For

Did you know about 35% of all burglars enter through the front door, even if it’s locked? While choosing a metal door or hard wooden door can go a long way towards preventing a kick in, it’s your door lock that will likely make or break its strength. 

That’s why it’s critical to know what to look for in front door locks. For example, the deadbolt can only be moved through the lock cylinder. Compare this to the spring lock which can easily be picked and opened, the deadbolt provides ample protection from burglaries. 

Of course, not all locks are made equally. Here’s what you need to know before you purchase door locks for your home. 

Safety Standards

Each lock is rated according to specific safety standards. Make sure the door locks you’re interested in meet state-of-the-art safety standards. One important metric to keep in mind is the grading system. Deadbolts with a Grade 1 rating that stacks up to the UL 438, EN 12209, or A2P France standards are your best option. Why Grade 1? Because it offers the absolute best level of security, which is what your home requires. 

If you decide to go with a smart lock, they should be patented and have excellent reviews. We have mixed recommendations regarding smart locks, so we’ll let you do your research on those. 

A Grade 1 door lock like the mortise lockset, will serve your home well. 

Examine Durability

Durability is second only to security. After you choose your lock and grade, it’s important to understand how long they’ll last without replacement. 

Some door locks offer long-term durability of a decade or more, while lower quality door locks offer less durability. Security professionals recommend looking at the durability of your lock and compare it to its grade before you make a selection. 

Consider Door Material

Another factor to keep in mind when selecting a residential door lock is the material of your door. Metal and decorative doors are harder to install door locks, but the right locking system shouldn’t create an issue with the help of a professional. Think about how the system will fit with your overall door frame and door material to ensure the fit is secure and safe. 

Style & Functionality

Once you nail down the right door locks for your door and home, the next step is to think about style and functionality. 

Fortunately, all grades of locks have a variety of shapes and finish to fit just about any home style. You can keep your curb appeal up to snuff easily by browsing through your options. 

For example, a single-cylinder deadbolt requires a key lock to lock it and unlock it. You can also go with a double-cylinder deadbolt, which requires a key on both sides. Of course, this style of deadbolt can become a hassle since you have to use a key to exit your home.

The handle you select also impacts your security, but the deadbolt should be designed to match the handle for the best functionality and style.  

Expert Recommended Door Locks

Our Residential Door Lock Recommendations

Earlier we outlined a few tips for choosing door locks, but we’d like to offer our two top picks for your home’s door locks. 

Mortise Lockset 

We like the Mortise lockset for two reasons, one is they offer a variety of décor options that make it easy to match your style. The second is the security they offer. The door lockset is available in classic, wrought bronze and everything else in between, you’ll find the style you like in the Mortise section. 

Decorative Cylindrical Locksets

Tie together your preferences for style and your need for security, with decorative cylindrical locksets. Strong, dependable, and attractive, cylindrical locksets hit all the marks for residential door locks. 

Our Commercial Door Lock Recommendations  

Commercial door locks require a different set of requirements. If you own a small or large business, securing each access point is crucial to the safety of your staff and customers. To help you isolate the best choice for your building, we’ve listed a few recommendations from our experts.