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Commercial Door Closers

Choosing the right door closers can depend on a number of factors. It also highly depends on the preference of the customer, the manufacturer and brands, and build quality. You also have to consider the high price of some closers and the features they bring in. However, there is a list of factors that one should consider:The weight and size of the doorWhere the door is locatedThe frequency of... Click Here to Read More.

How do you adjust door closers?

To adjust your door closer, examine it and figure out whether it has a cover or not. Sometimes the cover hides the adjustment screws. The cover is either made out of plastic or metal or aluminum. It is either screwed onto to the closer or simply held on by tension. Once the aluminum cover is off, you need to: 

  1. Check for oil leakages. If there is leakage, you need a new door closer. If not, then,
  2. Follow the instructions given around adjustment screws with rights reserved. If there aren’t any, you would have to follow the hit and trial method to figure out which one does what. 
  3. Don’t turn the adjustment screws too much at once as too little can do a lot. In order to slow the closer, turn the screws clockwise. Move them anti-clockwise if you wish to speed it up.
  4. Once adjusted, test the door closing it at least ten times.

When it comes to repairing door closers, it depends on the type of damage that tells whether it can be repaired or not. Suppose it’s oil leakage, then probably a screw it out of place and can be placed back in. In case of any other broken part such as the seals and broken O-rings, a professional can give you a better idea. Our customer service is known for being efficient and timely. Hit us up if you need door closers repaired.