Commercial Door Closers

Looking for the perfect door closer to prevent your door from slamming? Park Avenue's commercial door closers are designed with adjustable closing strength for interior and exterior doors. They are ideal for use in commercial buildings, nursing homes, healthcare facilities, schools, as well as residential developments.

At Park Avenue Locks, we know the door hardware industry. We are proud to bring you a selection of the surface mount closers from the most popular brands such as Norton, LCN, Yale, and more. Each brand and product possesses unique qualities and features, depending on the application for which it is designed. Our closers are designed to work with various types of right-hand and left-hand doors. They come with complete kits to allow for regular, top jamb, & parallel arm installations.

For more details on surface closers, scroll down to the bottom of the page. You’ll find answers to FAQs along with useful information that will help you choose the best closer for your specific needs.

Park Avenue Locks is a trusted supplier for all door hardware and lock supplies by many loyal customers. From contractors, building managers, or a simple homeowner, we have your needs in mind. With competitive pricing, fast shipping, and excellent service, Park Avenue Locks is the only online lock and door hardware supplies store you'll ever need.

Whether you need a state-of-the-art Door Closer for a commercial building or residential multi-use building, our selection of top brand closers won't disappoint you.

Why are door Closers necessary?

Door closers are ideal for doors in a facility that demands reliability and self-closing doors. A door with a properly installed and adjusted door closer will always open and close at a controlled speed preventing injury to passerby's and structural damage to the door and its surroundings.

What are the benefits of a self-closing door? 


Closed doors provide security to buildings and rooms you want to protect. Doors to protected areas will always close up. 

Energy Saver:

Closed doors save energy by keeping the air-conditioned or heated inside, making it very practical for exterior doors of buildings and facilities. 

Privacy Control:

A closed-door minimizes sound intrusion and eavesdropping through open doors. 

Fire Doors:

Underwriters Laboratories (UL) requires that any fire-listed door must be self-closing to stop the spread of fire.

Need help to determine the door closing force?

Our door closers offer an adjustable power size ranging from 1 through 6. To find out the perfect closing force, you need to consider the width and weight of the door, wind, or draft conditions, and the average strength usually used to open and close the door. Our chart below will help you decide the door closing force for your specific needs. 


After installation, adjust your door closer to the desired closing force.


Closing Force

Door Closer Usage


3 pounds-force

Lightweight interior doors


5 pounds-force

Average weight interior doors


8 pounds-force

Interior doors subject to draft


11 pounds-force

Interior doors or exterior doors subject to draft


14 pounds-force

Heavy exterior doors


What are the different door closer applications?

We offer a variety of standard and concealed door closers that come with screws, brackets & soffit plate to allow for regular, top jamb, & parallel arm installations. Read below for installation differences.

Concealed Door Closers: 

Concealed door closers are aesthetically pleasing and ideal for helping reduce vandalism.  It provides the same functionality of an overhead door closer, while it is fitted inside the door leaf and frame.

Standard Application:

This door closer application is the most popular and functional. However, it should not be used on the exterior side of a door because it will not withstand various weather conditions.

Top Jamb Application:

This door closer application is recommended for use on exterior doors that open out, to protect it from the weather. The door frame at the top must be wide enough to allow the application of the door closer body. A Top Jamb Application is also used when it is preferable for the door closer to be on the opposite side than the standard application, thus protecting it from the weather.

Parallel Arm Application:

This door closer application is recommended for use on exterior doors that open out, to protect it from the weather. This application is applied if it is preferable for the door closer to be on the opposite side than the standard application.

Slide Track Closers: 

A type of door closer installation. The closer is mounted on either the hinge side or the opposite hinge side. The slide track is attached to the frame face on the hinge side, and the frame soffit parallel to the hinge side.

Corner Bracket Closers: 

A type of installation when the close cannot be mounted to either the door or the frame. The bracket is mounted on the support corner of the push side hinge jamb of the frame. The close is mounted to the bracket, while the arm is attached to the top rail of the door at a right angle.