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Door Accessories

Add Efficiency, Security, and Aesthetics to Your Door With Door Accessories

The front door to your house is by far the most commonly used entrance for intruders. Thieves will more often come through the front door as opposed to windows or go around the deck. That's why it is crucial to secure your doors. Adding a latch door guard and installing a wide-angle peephole are economical and easy ways to make your front door more secure. 

At Park Avenue Locks, you will find a selection of door knockers and viewers, also referred to as peepholes, as well as surface bolts and door guards. These are easy to install to protect your home and family while adding protection and peace of mind. Door knockers and secret gate latches are available in various finishes to match your hardware, and door viewers are available in several viewing angles. For more details on specific door accessories and their functions, scroll down to the bottom of the page. You'll find answers to your concerns along with useful information that will help you choose the best security door hardware for your specific needs.

Park Avenue Locks is a trusted supplier of all door hardware and locks supplies by many loyal customers. From contractors, building managers, or simple homeowners, we have your needs in mind. With competitive pricing, fast shipping, and excellent service, Park Avenue Locks is the only online locks and hardware supplies store you'll ever need.

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  1. Emtek 7" Modern House Number
    As low as $28.80
  2. Ives 9624 18" Long Door Pull
    As low as $374.72
  3. Rockwood 125-RKW Door Pull
    As low as $38.25
  4. Rockwood 604 Door Guard
    As low as $19.03
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High Quality & Heavy-Duty Door Accessories

Park Avenue Locks, brings you the best in door protection accessories, including surface bolts and guards, secret gate latches, door knockers with viewers, and door peepholes. 

Surface Door Guards

We are excited to offer a chosen selection of door guards that offer simple installation and are durable enough to secure doors and keep you safe. Door guards increase security for doors, thus allowing the door to partially open. It is mostly used in apartments and homes, as well as hotels and college doors. Additionally, it is used as a safety lock when small kids can reach other door locks. It is then installed higher than the doors lock, where children cannot reach it. 

Secret Gate Latch

A secret gate latch offers casual security against someone opening a half gate or door in partitions or other short structures. It is ideal for residential gates, business gates, and half doors. It is commonly used in banks, offices, restaurants, and bars as a latch to secure a hinged countertop. It is a low-security device that provides minimum security to keep a gate closed. It includes a hidden unlocking button for easy opening.

Door Viewers

A door viewer, also known as a peephole, peekhole, spyhole, or door hole, is a small opening through a door, allowing a view outside. It is a cylinder with a fisheye lens inserted into a door, that enables one to take a peek out. They are available in different viewing angles of 160-200 degrees. The angle determines the amount of visibility, the higher the number, the bigger the view.

Door Knockers

A door knocker is a simple accent to a door, with a simple function. It allows people outside the entrance to alert those inside of their presence. It has a plate fixed to the door with a metal knocker hinged to it, which may be lifted and used to strike the plate, making a noise. Door knockers are usually decorative and available in many finishes to match your door hardware while enhancing your decor together.

Please browse our selection online, and feel free to reach out to our knowledgeable staff to help you choose the door accessories that are beautiful as well as practical. We know the door hardware industry well and guarantee to bring you quality products that are aesthetically pleasing and will last a lifetime!