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Commercial Lever Locksets

A lever lock uses a set of levers to prevent the lock from passing through. It uses levers in place of tumblers. When the key is inserted into the lock, the levers are moved and you can operate the lock.

The number of levers in a lever door lock can vary but generally the more levers a lock has in its design, the tighter the security of the lock will be. Both 3-lever and 5-lever locks are a type of door locks commercial.

The commercial door levers sold at Park Avenue Locks are commonly referred to as cylindrical locks, which are designed to be installed by boring two circular holes in the door with a lever-type door handle on each side.

How do lever locks work?

Lever locks are a type of commercial locks for doors that have either between 3 to 5 levers. The key for this lock is bitted and it pushes the levers into the right position for the door to be opened. These commercial lever locksets can be installed on any door thickness. They can even be installed on a commercial lock door.

What is a 5 lever lock?

A 5-lever lock is the most common commercial door lock which passes most home insurance requirements. This commercial lever lock allows the locked bolt to be released when it is lifted to a certain height.

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  1. Yale 5430LN Grade 1 Utility, Asylum or Institutional Lock
    As low as $352.80
  2. Yale 4730LN Grade 1 Utility, Asylum or Institutional Lock
    As low as $246.40
  3. Yale 5402LN Grade 1 Privacy, Bedroom or Bath Lock
    As low as $322.30
  4. Yale 4702LN Grade 1 Privacy, Bedroom or Bath Lock
    As low as $179.20
  5. Yale 4602LN Grade 2 Privacy, Bedroom or Bath Lock
    As low as $58.00
  6. Corbin Russwin CL3320 Extra Heavy-Duty Privacy, Bedroom or Bathroom Lever
    As low as $350.10
  7. Yale 5302LN Grade 2 Privacy, Bedroom/ Bath Cylindrical Lever Lock
    As low as $160.40
  8. Kaba Simplex L1011 Simplex Mechanical Pushbutton Lever Lock, Combination Entry
    As low as $410.00
  9. Yale 5417LN Grade 1 Apartment, Exit or Public Toilet Lock
    As low as $352.80
  10. Cal-Royal Challenger SG Series, Standard Duty Cylindrical Leverset
    As low as $35.04
  11. Alarm Lock DL2700 Trilogy Pushbutton Keypad Lock
    As low as $496.80
  12. Cal-Royal Calypso Series Grade 1 Heavy Duty Cylindrical Leverset
    As low as $45.11
  13. Cal-Royal CR3000 Heavy Duty Digital Keypad Door Lock
    As low as $425.10
  14. Cal-Royal CR6000 Grade 1 Heavy Duty Digital Touch Screen Door Lock
    As low as $495.50
  15. Cal-Royal Genesys Series Grade 1 Heavy Duty Cylindrical Leverset With Clutch
    As low as $36.12
  16. Cal-Royal INDLEV-20 Commercial Grade Privacy Indicator Leverset
    As low as $121.33
  17. Cal-Royal PL7100 Grade 1 Heavy Duty Commercial Phone Lock with Clutch
    As low as $460.00
  18. Cal-Royal SL Pioneer Series Grade 2 Cylindrical Leverset
    As low as $25.13
  19. Corbin Russwin CL3310 Extra Heavy-Duty Passage or Closet Lever
    As low as $295.00
  20. Corbin Russwin CL3332 Extra Heavy-Duty Institutional Lock
    As low as $472.40
  21. Corbin Russwin CL3340 Extra Heavy-Duty Patio or Privacy Lock
    As low as $351.10
  22. Corbin Russwin CL3350 Extra Heavy-Duty Half Dummy Trim Lever
    As low as $127.00
  23. Corbin Russwin CL3351 Extra Heavy-Duty Entrance or Office Lock
    As low as $411.20
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How do you unlock a lever lock?

Lever locks for doors are pretty easy to operate -you simply turn the commercial lever handle. However, if you've lost the key, it is better to use the information on this very handy blog to open the locked door, instead of breaking it down.

What is the difference between a 3 lever and 5 lever lock?

With Assa Abloy locks or any usual lock, you have 2 lock options. They are a form of a cylindrical lever lockset and come in 3-lever and 5-lever versions. A cylindrical lockset is created with a design to be installed through the door with a handle on either side that retracts the latch when is used.

The case with a 3-lever lock is that it is less secure because it has 3 keys fewer and can be duplicated easily.

What is ASSA ABLOY lock?

Assa Abloy locks are of high quality and meet all the design and quality requirements of the modern world. The Assa Abloy range of products include keys, padlocks, tumbler locks, commercial door locks and locking bolt.

If you want more information about our commercial lever locks, lever door locks and door lever locksets, continue scrolling below on this page. If you can't find the information you're looking for, feel free give us a call. With our over a decade of experience, we are confident we can help you match the perfect commercial lever to your specific need!

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