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Standard Door Pulls

Buy Quality Standard Door Pulls at Affordable Prices

Park Avenue offers high-quality door hardware for both exterior and interior doors. The door lever handles are of the highest quality and are constructed of stainless steel, making them rust-resistant. Stylish door handles or pulls are built to last and keep your door looking its best for years.

Doors with a contemporary design should have modern and stylish standard door pulls. Park Avenue Locks provides high-quality door furnishings, such as door handle pull sets, that are ideal for doors due to their minimalist design and brushed stainless steel finish. Door pull handles come in pairs, 400mm or 650mm long, with round and square options.

We can ship you a set of door handles in New York. Unlike inexpensive door handles, which might lose their coating over time, these will hold up well. The lovely brushed appearance of stainless steel door handles will be preserved over the years with only occasional wiping off. 

The Rockwood door pull is also an attractive and long-lasting piece of hardware that can be used in a home or a business. Made from superior materials, it secures the door with a simple touch of beauty. Its enduring style and dependable performance have made it popular among designers, builders, and homeowners.

You can get a door lever handle or a door pull handle, which are of high quality. Our door hardware, including mortise locks, door stoppers, and outdoor fittings, can be purchased from our store and shipped the next business day. Get some classic door knobs or pulls right now and see for yourself. 

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The Best Online Store for Door Pulls in NewYork 

Park Avenue is the most renowned online store in New York for buying all types of door hardware, including locks, stoppers, and everything else. We have knobs and levers in various forms and sizes, including squares, rectangles, and circles. Door handle sets can be purchased online and shipped anywhere in the US.

Hardware for Interior Doors

Our different varieties of door knobs and door pulls (referred to as "interior door furniture") are all well-suited for use as interior door handles. Most interior doors have either a passage handle, which simply latches shut without locking, or a privacy door handle set, which typically features a low-security lock with an emergency release.

In New York, you can order standard door pulls online and have them shipped to your home. Among the options for internal door handles are black, brass, antique brass, chrome, and even white porcelain levers. Door handle plates are available in several sizes and styles, such as round and rectangular.

Hardware for Entrance Doors

Our selection of lockable front door handles features hundreds of unique designs and finishes. We stock locking door knobs with the standard keyhole in the plate. The equivalent of a deadbolt, a five-lever high-security lock is included. If you prefer a euro lock and cylinder, we sell door lever and knob sets with a euro cut out. 

These high-security euro locks and cylinders can be locked with either a thumb turn on the inside for convenience or a key on both sides for heightened security. When you shop our entrance door pulls, you may choose from various colours and finishes, including black, satin brass, antique brass, chrome, and many more. 

Different Designs To Adore 

A mishmash and eclectic mix of styles can work well in modern designs, especially in suburban and urban areas. Apartment dwellers, who typically don't have a lot of areas to work with, can benefit greatly from how contrasting designs and materials can create depth and complexity within a tiny space. 

You can add a design layer to unused areas by using vintage-style door pulls on the major connecting doors and contrasting them with contemporary handles, such as porcelain furniture knobs. Deeper and more complex tones can be achieved with brass and copper finishes. You may also use this method to give new life to used furniture. 

Timber furniture, even the most attractive, can seem dull and monotonous after a while. Rather than replacing a whole piece of furniture, investing in some new cabinet handles in a fun colour or an antique design may be all needed to make it feel fresh and modern again.

Why not attempt an entry door handle set if you want to make a bold statement? These have a lever door handle inside, a huge pull handle, and a thumb latch on the exterior. They come with a matching lock for added safety. You can order new door pulls online and have them shipped to your house just before the handyman install them.