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Saddle Thresholds

Saddle Thresholds

A saddle threshold is a common type of threshold that is often used at exterior openings, usually supplied with supports underneath that run the full length of the threshold. The surface of these products can be smooth or grooved in nature, or can even be treated with special finishes that add extra grip to prevent slipping.

The thickness of the metal used in the threshold can vary by manufacturer, but when it comes to height, things are a bit more rudimentary; these heights can vary from anywhere between a quarter-inch tall to one-inch or more. Important to note is that ADA requirements may restrict the height of the threshold to a half-inch tall and a gradual incline no greater than a quarter-inch in vertical rise. Saddle thresholds can be ordered in widths from as small as two-inches wide up to 100-inches and beyond.

We supply custom thresholds that meet the demands of a particular opening, and our customers often order them in widths to match or exceed the jamb depth of the frame as needed. What’s more, many of our saddle thresholds are made of high-quality aluminum to stand up to the heavy traffic and with vinyl feet for effective weather sealing.

In keeping doors safe and clean, saddle thresholds can be used in conjunction with drip cap door bottoms, available in a number of types including interior flattop one-to-three-quarter-inch saddle thresholds, fluted top three-inch saddle thresholds and three-and-one-half-inch saddle thresholds. If color is your thing, you can even choose from a variety of hues for these thresholds, including silver, bright gold, satin nickel, silver, bright dipped gold, brown and white.

Generally speaking, thresholds are effective at helping to close the gap between the bottom of the door and the floor, most of them made of extruded aluminum but also available in brass, bronze or stainless steel. From our vast experience, brass and bronze variants tend to last longer than aluminum, and, perhaps even better, the finish doesn’t wear off; on the other side of this equation, stainless steel thresholds are very durable and resist oxidation.

What makes saddle thresholds different from the other common types? Let’s take a brief look at them now:

Heavy Duty Thresholds Recommended for environments utilizing forklifts or heavy machinery; the metal used here is much thicker.
Bumper Seal Thresholds These include a seal at the top of the threshold that comes in contact with the door when it is closed; this acts as a closure for the bottom of the door to prevent moisture or air flow beneath.
Thermal Break Thresholds These prevent heat or cold from transferring through the metal underneath the door.

Please browse through our complete line of products – we’re positive you’ll find a saddle threshold that meets your exact standards for size, style and finish. Our knowledgeable staff is always standing by to answer any questions you may have.