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Pemko offers an extensive collection of commercial and residential solutions, modular ramps and various components to fit any need, when it comes to thresholds and ramps. Park Avenue Locks carries a complete inventory of these quality products, including saddle thresholds that can withstand any amount of abuse.

Thresholds install at the bottom of door frames, fitting a wide range of door styles, lengths and widths, making them ideal for use with a variety of floor materials, but the Pemko Manufacturing Company has been providing these thresholds – in addition to gasketing products and continuous hinges – in a manner that exceeds the expectations of all its customers. Whether it’s commercial thresholds, perimeter gasketing products, astragals/meeting stiles, door bottoms, brush/adhesive gasketing solutions, hospitality products or sliding/folding door hardware, there is a Pemko solution for every challenge.

Half saddle/offset saddle thresholds are commonly used to meet with an irregular floor surface, these shapes often used when a threshold is required to meet with tile or carpet on one side. Latching panic thresholds, meanwhile, are designed to work in conjunction with surface-applied vertical rod exit devices and are also used to provide a door stop and seal at the bottom of a door. Thermal barrier thresholds are designed to eliminate the transfer of hot and cold temperatures from one side of the threshold to the other.

Discover Park Avenue Locks’ full selection of Pemko threshold products for yourself, and be prepared to be wowed – in more ways than one.

  1. Pemko 211 Door Shoe
    As low as $30.99