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Mortise Exit Devices

Unlock Safety and Convenience with Mortise Exit Devices 

Exit devices are an important investment for the safety and security of any building, commercial or residential. When it comes to safety and convenience, mortise exit mechanisms are the gold standard. To ensure your safety and convenience, Park Avenue Locks offers a wide variety of mortise exit devices.

Mortise Exit Devices: Safe and Efficient Emergency Escape

They are the door hardware installed in buildings to provide for a secure and speedy evacuation in the event of an emergency. While these gadgets find more widespread use in business and government buildings, they do have a role in homes when added security and monitored exits are required.

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Mortise Exit Devices and Their Principal Advantages

  • Mortise exit devices improve safety by blocking off potential entry points from the outside. They will keep your things protected and secure.
  • These devices are adaptable, as they may be purchased in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and configurations to fit a wide range of door materials. 
  • These devices are constructed to withstand heavy use and last for a long time. They're made to take a beating and keep on ticking for as long as possible.
  • They are required in commercial structures to ensure occupants' safety in case of a fire and facilitate a speedy escape, which lessens the potential for chaos.

Mortise Locks: the Ideal Accommodator

These locks are commonly used in conjunction with exit mechanisms. Because of the increased safety they provide, these locks are a perfect complement to your escape devices. The sturdy and reliable mortise lock integrates perfectly with the escape device thanks to its design and manufacture.

When it Comes to Safety, Rely on Yale Exit Hardware

Park Avenue Locks is pleased to carry Yale devices as part of our extensive collection of exit devices for doors. Yale exit hardware is reliable and secure, much like the rest of Yale's products. It offers dependable answers for safeguarding any structure, whether commercial, residential, or institutional.

7 Features of Mortise Exit Devices

Mortise exit devices are crucial components in commercial and institutional buildings, offering reliable emergency exit solutions while ensuring compliance with safety standards. At Park Avenue Locks, we provide a comprehensive selection of mortise exit devices designed to facilitate safe and efficient egress. Explore the key features that make these devices essential for your building.

1. Mortise Lock Mechanism

Unlike surface-mounted exit devices, mortise exit devices are integrated into the door's mortise lock cavity. This design provides a more streamlined appearance while maintaining robust functionality.

2. Durable Construction

Built from high-quality materials such as stainless steel or heavy-duty alloys, mortise exit devices are engineered to withstand frequent use and potential impacts. This durability ensures long-term reliability in high-traffic areas.

3. Smooth Operation

Mortise exit devices feature mechanisms that allow for smooth and effortless operation during emergency exits. The internal components are designed to retract swiftly and quietly, facilitating rapid egress without compromising security.

4. Fire Safety Compliance

Many mortise exit devices are fire-rated, meaning they have been tested and certified to maintain door integrity in the event of a fire. These devices are integral to fire safety systems, ensuring that fire-rated doors function as effective barriers during emergencies

5. Security Enhancements

Some mortise exit devices incorporate additional security features such as cylinder locks, alarms, or electrified options. These enhancements help prevent unauthorized access while still allowing occupants to exit quickly and safely during emergencies.

6. Versatile Applications

Mortise exit devices are suitable for various door types, including wood, metal, and composite doors. They are commonly used in commercial buildings, schools, hospitals, and other public facilities where safety and security are paramount.

7. Ease of Installation

Designed for straightforward installation, mortise exit devices often come with templates and mounting hardware that simplify the installation process. This ensures that they can be installed securely and correctly by professionals or skilled DIY enthusiasts.

Get the Best Mortise Exit Devices Only at Park Avenue Locks

  • Numerous Options: You can locate the Yale exit hardware and other devices that are the best fit for your doors and safety standards among our extensive selection.
  • Highest Quality: You will receive only the finest quality exit devices and hardware from us because we only work with respected manufacturers.
  • Helpful Advice: Our experienced and professional staff is here to guide you in selecting the best items to fulfill your safety requirements.
  • Feasible Prices: Park Avenue Locks is committed to supplying high-quality exit devices and exit hardware at pricing that won't break the bank.

Park Avenue Locks provides mortise exit devices and other door hardware to improve the safety, security, and convenience of your home or business. Knowing how important it is to provide you peace of mind, we work hard to meet all of your security requirements.

Test out the effectiveness and reliability of our exit devices. Get in touch with Park Avenue Locks right away to learn more about our wide variety of security options, like Yale locks, and start protecting your home or business.