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Residential Lock Sets

Want to upgrade your home decor? Replacing your outdated or broken doorknobs with the latest in today‚Äôs market will provide an economical and attractive interior upgrade. There are three styles of door handles available, each with unique functionality and design inspirations.  A Doorknob is usually shaped like a globe or, in some older homes like an oval. Leversets and door handles are lever-operated devices mainly designed for a decorative look. They also offer a better grip than doorknobs, for children or elderly, thereby making it a preferred door handle in residential homes and public areas.

Park Avenue Locks offers a wide range of brand name residential locks in architecturally inspired designs that will reflect your unique taste. Whether you're considering replacing old or broken locks, remodeling, or simply enhancing your house, Park Avenue Locks makes designing your home easy and functional.

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  1. Cal-Royal 4400 Series Grade 2 Rim Exit Device
    As low as $165.56
  2. Cal-Royal Challenger SG Series, Standard Duty Cylindrical Leverset
    As low as $35.04
  3. Cal-Royal CR3000 Heavy Duty Digital Keypad Door Lock
    As low as $425.10
  4. Cal-Royal CR9000 Grade 2 Digital Touch Screen Door Lock With Clutch Technology
    As low as $182.30
  5. Cal-Royal DB5000 Grade 2 Electonic Deadbolt (Compatible with Apple and Android Phones)
    As low as $162.90
  6. Cal-Royal DB9000 Grade 2 Touchscreen Electronic Deadbolt (Compatible with Apple and Android Phones)
    As low as $322.50
  7. Cal-Royal IND90-G2 Indicator Deadbolt
    As low as $39.31
  8. Cal-Royal PL7100 Grade 1 Heavy Duty Commercial Phone Lock with Clutch
    As low as $441.30
  9. Cal-Royal RS2100 Grade 2 Residential Phone Lock
    As low as $265.90
  10. Cal-Royal SL Pioneer Series Grade 2 Cylindrical Leverset
    As low as $25.13
  11. Cal-Royal T220 Standard Duty Single Cylinder Deadbolt
    As low as $76.40
  12. Cal-Royal ZWDB-10 Electronic Touchscreen Deadbolt (Z-Wave)
    As low as $255.50
  13. Dormakaba Simplex 7102 Combination Lock
    As low as $149.70
  14. Emtek 8469 Square Style Single Cylinder Deadbolt
    As low as $72.90
  15. Emtek 8569 Square Single Sided Deadbolt
    As low as $50.75
  16. Emtek Argos Leverset
    As low as $128.80
  17. Emtek Artemis Entry Mortise Lockset
    As low as $532.00
  18. Emtek Aston Leverset
    As low as $128.80
  19. Emtek Astoria Clear Knobset
    As low as $128.80
  20. Emtek Basel Leverset
    As low as $128.80
  21. Emtek Beaded Egg Knobset
    As low as $128.80
  22. Emtek Belmont Knobset
    As low as $128.80
  23. Emtek Bern Knobset
    As low as $128.80
  24. Emtek Breslin Leverset
    As low as $128.80
  25. Emtek Brisbane Entry or Dummy Mortise Lockset
    As low as $540.00
  26. Emtek Bristol Knobset
    As low as $128.80
  27. Emtek Cheyenne Entry Mortise Lockset
    As low as $592.48
  28. Emtek Cortina Leverset
    As low as $100.80
  29. Emtek Coventry Leverset
    As low as $128.80
  30. Emtek Craftsman Entry Mortise Lockset
    As low as $532.00