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Residential Locks

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Choosing the Right Residential Door Locks for Your Home Security Needs

Want to upgrade your home decor? Replacing your outdated or broken residential door lock sets with the latest in today’s market will provide an economical and attractive interior upgrade. There are three styles of door handles available, each with unique functionality and design inspirations.  A Doorknob is usually shaped like a globe or, in some older homes like an oval. Leversets and door handles are lever-operated devices mainly designed for a decorative look. They also offer a better grip than doorknobs, for children or elderly, thereby making it a preferred door handle in residential homes and public areas.

Park Avenue Locks offers a wide range of residential door locks from top brands in architecturally inspired designs that will reflect your unique taste. Whether you're considering replacing old or broken locks, remodeling, or simply enhancing your house, Park Avenue Locks makes designing your home easy and functional.

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  1. Emtek Astoria Glass Knobset
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Protect Your Family and Property with Reliable Residential Locks

Accent your doors with style!

While doors provide an entry to your home, rooms within your home, or closets, choosing the right door knob will provide both style and functionality. Here is a summary of each type and its function.

Keyed Door knobs and Levers

Keyed entry knobs are most commonly applied to exterior doors that require locking with a key. They have a push-button lock on the inside and keyed cylinder on the outside. When the knob is turned, the lock opens. Some door knobs have a turn button on the inside that has to be unlocked manually from the inside. 

Hall and Closet Doorknobs

Hall and Closet doorknobs, also known as passage doorknobs, are non-locking. They are usually used on closet doors or other rooms that do not need to be locked. 

Bed and Bath Doorknobs

Bed and bathroom door knobs, known as privacy knobs, are commonly applied to bedrooms and bathrooms or anywhere that privacy is wanted. Still, an actual keyed lock is not necessary.

Entrance Handle Sets:

Handlesets offer elegance for entrance doors with the functionality of a doorknob. The handle part of handlesets generally do not lock. However, it comes with a deadbolt to secure the door. Handlesets are available with single cylinder or double cylinder deadbolts, or as a dummy set, for single or double doors.  

Lever Lock Door Handle

The most common type of door handle is the Lever lock door handle, which is ideal for residential homes as well as commercial and public buildings. This type of handle on a backplate allows a door to be easily opened and shut by pushing the handle. Doors featuring this type of handle have a latch that holds the door shut. The door handle only has a lever handle that operates this latch. By pushing down the handle, it rotates the spindle, moving the tubular latch mechanism inside the door, which allows it to be opened. This type of door handle is ideal for interior doors that are typically not locked. 

Right-Handed, Left-Handed, and Reversible Leversets: 

Door levers are often handed, meaning you need to know which way your door swings open so that the lever curves upward or downward in the same direction of the door. If you want all levers to curve in the same direction, you will need to identify which side your door swings open. Many brands, including Schlage, get around this problem by making their door handles reversible. Meaning they design the door handles to fit on all doors, so you don't have to worry about which way your door swings open. 

How to choose a right or left-handed door handle:

Choosing the handles suitable for your specific doors may seem to be a complicated task. Here are two simple steps that will easily help you identify if you need a left-handed or right-handed door handle. 

  1. Check on which side the hinges are hung. If they are on the right-hand side, you need a right-handed door set. 
  2. To determine on which side the hinges are, stand with your back opposite the hinge jamb, with the door open. If your left hand is near the doorknob, then the door is LEFT-HANDED. If your right hand is nearer the doorknob, then the door is RIGHT-HANDED.

You can also get around the left-handed and right-handed handle issue with a reversible lever handle. Many brands manufacture reversible lever sets. These lever handles can reverse to fit your door, regardless of which side it's handed on. 

Whatever your design dreams are, from remodeling to designing something new Park Avenue Locks offers a selection of doorknobs, mortise locksets, levers, and handles in many styles and finishes. If you don't see it here, contact us today. Chances are we have what you imagine - and for a great price!