Electric Strikes

Are you concerned about the security level of your door? Electrified door hardware will increase the level of security for your door. At Park Avenue Locks, we are pleased to introduce you to the HES Electric Strikes, as well as popular electric strikes from Adams Rite and Von Duprin.

An electric strike is a lock mechanism used in applications together with an access control system. The reason why we favor HES electric strikes over standard strikes is that it can be unlocked remotely, or through a card or key code, making it more convenient than a standard strike. Also, electric strikes are more secure, being that it is mechanically operated. In situations of a power outage, it is still possible to exit with an electric strike, as opposed to magnetic locks that become inactive when power is lost.

Park Avenue Locks is a trusted supplier for all door hardware and locks supplies by many of our devoted customers. Utilizing our expertise and expanded connections in the door hardware industry, we bring you the best brands from around the globe. The merchandise we offer on our site are just a part of our inventory. If you can’t find it here - contact us. Chances are we have it and for an unbeatable price.

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How do electric strikes work on doors?

Electric strikes feature a ramped surface, allowing the door to close and lock by the locking latch. Upon receiving the proper signal from a card or key code, its surface turns away from the direction of the latch opening the door without turning the doorknob. 

How are electric strikes configured? 

You can configure electric strikes in numerous ways. Below we will explain the three most common electric strike configurations.


In a fail secure, also known as a non-fail safe, configuration you will need to apply an electric current to the strike to cause it to unlock. In this application, the strike will remain locked in case of a power outage; however, the mechanical lock will be operable to exit from the inside. You can power these by an alternating current, or DC power. The Alternating current will cause the unit to buzz, while the DC power will only play a "click" while the unit is powered.


In a fail-safe, also known as fail-open, configuration you will need to apply an electric current to the strike so it should lock. Such an application operates the same as a magnetic lock. During a power outage, the door will only open when pushed or pulled. Fail-safe units are always operated with a direct current.


In a hold open configuration, you will need to apply an electric current to the strike to cause it to unlock and remain unlocked. It will only go back to the locked position once the strike is used again. This application is ideal for use in commercial, industrial as well as residential purposes. The Hold-open function is very simple because the powering of the strike and the opening of the strike don't need to be precisely synchronized.

What door and frame styles are compatible with electric strikes?

Here we will explain the different locking mechanisms most commonly operated with electric strikes. They are the Cylindrical, Deadbolt, Mortise, and Rim Panic Exit Devices. 


Cylindrical electric strikes are mostly used in residential units, and therefore they are usually the most economical.


Deadbolts are also known as night latches. They do not have a spring mechanism; hence, the strike for a deadlatch is 'hold' only. The deadbolt does not have the spring latching capability like other locksets. Therefore it engages in the electric strike but cannot recapture it.


Mortise type locksets are designed for latches that protrude more from the door to engage more in-depth in the frame. Electric strikes used for these locking mechanisms need more cutting and space in the frame. 

Rim Panic devices

Rim panic devices are installed as a 'single motion' means of exit. The panic bar will activate an electric strike to release the door in case of power outages.

There are many manufacturers and many things to be considered when choosing an electric strike for your specific needs. At Park Avenue Locks we research the market to help you find the best products for your specific needs. HES electric strikes' and their 1006 series, are designed to exceed every standard developed for electric strikes. Review our selection, and feel free to reach out to us for more details. Our knowledgeable staff is standing by to help you.