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Exit Alarms

Exit Alarms

Exit Alarms on Exit Devices

Exit Alarms are designed to solve the problem of keeping unwanted visitors out of your building without risking a safe egress for emergencies. It is usually installed on emergency exits in public areas like hotels, restaurants, malls or hospitals and facilities. It will sound off an alarm to notify authorized personal when an emergency or fire exit is used as an escape by thieves, or by an incapacitated patient.

When it comes to exit alarms for doors, Park Avenue Locks offers you a selection from popular brands like Detex, for ultimate safety and protection. We have a variety of exit alarms that not only keep out unwanted guests but also work well together with exit devices. Our exit alarms are simple to install by yourself or could easily be installed by an electrician, to work with multiple devices.

Why and where are exit alarms installed? Exit alarms are commonly installed to notify authorized personnel of unauthorized use of an exit. This feature is beneficial for the safety of public areas that have exit devices applied to emergency exits, by alarming the security crew when a door is operated by unauthorized personnel. It's also beneficial for healthcare professionals, who are notified when a patient wanders out of their room through an emergency exit. With exit alarms installed together with exit devices, an alarm will sound off when someone attempts an unauthorized exit. It's an essential device for hotels, back doors of restaurants and shopping malls as wells as for hospitals, and convalescent homes. features various exit alarms, from the famous Detex brand, for multiple applications. We have surface mounted exit alarms as wells as weatherized exit alarms and alarmed panic exit control locks. Here's a brief summary of the functions of each of the different exit alarms to help you choose the right product for your emergency exits.

Surface Mounted Exit Alarm

A surface mounted exit alarm is a battery-powered exit alarm without a locking cylinder that mounts to a door or wall. It is a relatively low cost, self-contained, door alarm, featuring an alarm that will go off whenever unauthorized personnel attempt to operate restricted exits. 

Surface-mounted exit alarms are quick and easy to install and most commonly installed on emergency exit and restricted exit doors.

Weatherized Surface Mounted Exit Alarm

Weatherized exit alarms are specifically designed for applications that require a battery-powered alarm on secured doors, especially emergency exits that open to the outdoors or wet environment. The alarm will go off whenever unauthorized personnel attempt to operate restricted exits. 

The small shape and size of the Detex EAX-500W makes it an excellent choice for applications like emergency exits and restricted doors, that are exposed to wet conditions.

Alarmed Exit Control Locks

Alarmed exit control locks combine the features of an exit device and alarm device, resolving the problem between life safety and security.

The Detex alarmed exit control devices are code compliant and battery alarmed, featuring a rugged deadbolt, panic devices with steel plate, and photo-luminescent sign, which provides managed security, and a 100-decibel alarm for secondary exits.

If you need exit alarms for your emergency exits or fire exits, we carry a broad selection for your needs. We have a wide range of exit alarms, including Detex EAX-500 surface mounted alarms that are easy to install and operate or alarmed exit locks that combine the features of exit alarms and panic devices. Additionally, we have weatherized exit alarms, so you can also have an alarm on the outside or on doors that open to the street. If you need Exit Alarms to control and secure your doors, you can choose from our selection of surface mounted exit alarms, weatherized exit alarms, and more.