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What Is a Door Threshold?

A threshold is commonly applied to doorways to insulate the gap between the door and floor or to create a transition between two floors. It is a piece of wood or metal that runs across the bottom of an entry door frame. A threshold has several purposes in the doorway, as well as playing a vital role in the energy efficiency of a home or building. 

What is a Door Gasket?

Door gaskets are commonly used to seal gaps around the perimeter of the door, like the jambs and the header. Gasket materials range from simple rubber strips to heavy-duty adjustable gasket, including positive pressure ratings and fire-stopping material. You can apply a gasket to your door for several purposes, like eliminating light, sound, drafts, or moisture. It's an economical way to shield from intruding air.  

Find the perfect door threshold or gasket to seal your doors perimeters or floor gaps. Our selection of commercial and residential thresholds and gaskets are designed for various door applications and multiple purposes. The wide variety of products means you'll find a solution from astragals to door bottoms and perimeter seals to door sweeps to seal all your gaps properly. At Park Avenue Locks, we know the door hardware industry well, and our knowledgeable hardware experts are looking forward to assisting you in choosing just the right product for your needs.

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  1. Pemko 157 Offset Saddle Threshold - 5 1/2" by 3/4", Mill Aluminum or Dark Bronze Finish
    As low as $77.20
  2. Pemko 158 Offset Saddle Threshold - 5 1/2" by 1/4", Mill Aluminum or Dark Bronze Finish
    As low as $75.59
  3. Pemko 170 Saddle Threshold - 1/2" x 4" Mill Aluminum or Dark Bronze Finish
    As low as $24.48
  4. Pemko 171 Commercial Saddle Threshold - 1/2" x 5" Mill Aluminum or Dark Bronze Aluminum Finish
    As low as $28.95
  5. Pemko 18041_NB (MS) Brush Seal Meeting Stile Split Astragal
    As low as $19.99
  6. Pemko 210_V Door Shoe, Vinyl Bottom Seal - 1-1/4" Width x 1-9/16" Height; Mill Finish Aluminum or Dark Bronze Anodized
    As low as $15.39
  7. Pemko 211 Door Shoe
    As low as $21.99
  8. Pemko 2173_V Hospitality Door Bottom Shoe
    As low as $30.50
  9. Pemko 254 Half Saddle Threshold - 4" by 1/2", Mill Aluminum or Dark Bronze Finish
    As low as $55.45
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Door thresholds and gaskets are way more useful than you may think and are used for several purposes. Its primary purpose is to seal underneath and/or around a door to protect the outside weather from entering. The threshold or gasket protects the interior by keeping out drafts and rainwater or heat that usually come inside through gaps underneath or around the door. They are also used as a barrier to keep insects and other small pests from entering inside. In addition, applying a door sweep to the bottom of an entry door is another popular way to block drafts and insects from entering from underneath a door. 

Another vital purpose of sealing out cold and hot air is to maintain the inside room temperature. It helps reduce the heating and cooling costs, as the room's temperature isn't getting lost underneath the door or any other gaps. 

Whether you're managing a big building or renting your little apartment, we are the door hardware supplier that has all the door threshold and gasket you need to seal your entrances properly from intruding winds and pests as well as keeping the right air inside. From Astragals and Door Bottoms to Perimeter Seals, Saddle Thresholds, to Self-Adhesive Gasketing and Door Sweeps, we have everything to make sealing those gaps economical and more efficient. 

We offer various perimeter seals kits for various applications and in many colors to match your doors hardware. We have Silicone perimeter door seal kits and vinyl perimeter door seal kits, as well as perimeter gaskets in clear aluminum, and other gasket supplies that are compatible with interior or exterior doors. You'll also find door sweeps commonly used on the exterior of outswing doors.

Our selection of saddle thresholds include various standard length sizes to fit most standard entrances. Choose the size of each entry for a perfect fit. We also offer different finishes like Mill Finish Aluminum and Mill Finish Extruded Bronze, as well as Bright Dip Gold Anodized, Dark Bronze Anodized, Gold Anodized, and Satin Nickel Anodized. 

Various types of thresholds and gaskets are available. Please browse through our complete product line, which is available in many sizes, styles, and finishes. Our knowledgeable staff is standing by to help you find the one that best fits your specific needs. If you don't see it here, don't hesitate to contact us. The chances are that we have what you need and for a great price.