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Exit Device Trims

Exit device trims are used in conjunction with exit devices when the door is required to be used for re-entry. Here at Park Avenue Locks, we know that quality and security matter, and that’s why our selection features only top-rated products that are ANSI certified. For more about ANSI certification and lock grades, check out our awesome article by clicking here. Exit Device trims are... Click Here to Read More.
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  1. Yale 1109 6-Pin Rim Cylinder
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  2. Yale 627F Nightlatch Exit Trim
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All about Exit Device Trims

Exit Device trims are intended for doors that contain an exit device. The trim will not appear together with the exit device; rather it is to be installed on the opposite side of the door. 

Building code may require a room’s exit to be fitted with an exit device for the door to unlock automatically with a single-action push. However, the door mechanism on the side of the room’s entrance will often not necessitate the same function. Therefore, an exit device trim such as a  lever lock or handle is sometimes installed. However, if the door is only intended for use as an exit door, an exit device trim will not be necessary, and you will only be able to exit from this door. 

Functions of Exit Device Trims

Your exit device should be paired with a trim that grants you the function that you desire for your door. 

Door knobs and Cylinder trims or lever trims are popular choices of exit device types that can be equipped with different functions. Functions include classroom, storeroom, night latch, entrance, passage, or dummy. These are essential door lock functions that can be installed on doors for use in a variety of applications, and they are not limited to their names, like classroom lock.

  1. Classroom: This type of exit device trim function can be locked and unlocked by key.  The lever can be left in the unlocked state by using the key.
  2. Storeroom: This type of lock function is used when the outside lever should remain locked at all times. The outside lever always remains rigid. A key is used on the outside trim to retract the latch from the inside and open the door. When the key is removed, the door will remain locked.
  3. Nightlatch: This type of door lock requires a key on the outside to unlatch the door. Like the storeroom function, a night latch lever will revert to its locked state once the key is removed.  They are very easy to use; and unlike the storeroom option, the lever is not constantly rigid and can be turned.
  4. Passage: This is the most simple of door trims. The latching mechanism can be retracted at all times by the door lever, and there is no key or locking mechanism.
  5. Dummy: This exit trim function serves only to pull the door open or closed as a pull handle. It can be used on the inactive leaf of a pair of doors to aesthetically correspond with the other door’s trim. 

 The exit trim’s function will also determine the security level of your door. For doors that necessitate extra security or controlled access, consider entrance, night latch, classroom, or storeroom function. Be sure to note the ANSI ratings that confirm quality and durability.  All of our exit trims are also offered with limited warranties.

Select your exit device trim of choice for a product that is stellar in both function and design.  You can trust that the metal will not corrode and that the lock will perform its duty for many a door’s opening and closing in a smooth and non-cumbersome manner.