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Door Knocker Viewer

Door Knocker Viewer

Door knocker viewers, sometimes simply referred to as “door viewers,” allow for additional awareness that someone is at your door, enabling you to engage in a safe way to see who is at the door before unlocking and opening it. The best ones are secure and tamper-resistant, with viewers that come in a variety of styles such as solid brass bodies with glass lenses; here at Park Avenue Locks, we carry premium door knockers and viewers from the Rockwood brand, offering three distinct models for installation and project ease: The 620 UL listed 160-degree viewer, 614V door knocker with viewer and 622 UL listed 190-degree viewer.

We have talked a lot about door security on our site, and there’s a good reason for this. Most home break-ins occur via the entrance doors into a residential property, not the windows – contrary to popular belief or what you may see in shows and films – with a burglar often times simply walking in through an unlocked door (or one that makes it easy to pick the lock). In other cases, they are able to force their way in when the door and/or its frame are inadequate.

At Park Avenue Locks, we are proponents of making weak doors strong with as little effort as possible, and as economically as a particular wallet will allow.

What is a Door Viewer?

Put simply, a door viewer is a small opening drilled through your entrance door and fitted with a fisheye (wide-angle)-type lens. In certain situations, opportunistic intruders force their way in once someone has opened the door – often referred to as a forced home invasion – but the most important thing to know about door viewers and peepholes is that they allow you to see who is on your doorstep without actually opening the door; if you don’t recognize the individual on the other side, you can decide whether to open it or not.

The simple glass peephole has been with us for quite some time, and despite its low-tech origins, it continues to be viewed as a valuable added layer of residential safety and security for home occupants. The more sophisticated digital peephole viewer brings with it the added benefit of a display screen and certain functions (please talk to one of our reps about possible availability of these types of products).

Where Should You Use Door Viewers?

Crime prevention organizations recommend fitting door viewers in combination with door chains and door restrictors to the main doors; if you have more than one door that visitors use, it’s a good idea to secure both doors with equal measure. For the majority of apartments, there is only one entrance door, so the decision becomes easy – but some houses boast side doors and back entrances where visitors sometimes gravitate to. The bottom line is that only you can know what’s best for your living space, but we can tell you that making all your doors as secure as possible – especially the primary entrance – should be priority.

When it comes to home security, it’s a good idea to form some good safety habits. Get into the routine of using your peephole/viewer every single time someone comes to the door, at any time – day or night. It only takes a couple of seconds to check who is on the other side.