Yale 4729LN Grade 1 Communicating Classroom Lock

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Yale 4729LN Grade 1 Communicating Classroom Lock

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  • For closet doors where one side operation is needed
  • Designed with a deadlocking latch-bolt to guard against intruders
  • Ideal for tight spaces between doors
  • Turning the key in the inside lever locks door
  • Should only be used in rooms with more than one entrance
  • Comes with a 5 year warranty
  • ANSI Grade 1 certified for heavy duty usage
  • Available in 6 different architectural finishes
  • Available in 3 different lever designs

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Product Details


Yale 4729LN Grade 1 Communicating Classroom Lock

Communicating Classroom Lock - ANSI F113

For twin communicating or closet doors where one side operation is required or space between doors is limited. Deadlocking latchbolt. Inside lever operates latchbolt except when lever is locked by key.* Blank rose. Should be used only where rooms have more than one entrance. (NOTE: Not available with I.C. core cylinders)

* Lever handles are Free-Wheeling in locked position.

Lever: Augusta AU, Monroe MO, Pacific Beach PB

Finishes: 605 (US3) Bright Brass, 606 (US4) Satin Brass, 612 (US10) Satin Bronze, 613 (US10B) Dark Oxidized Satin Bronze, Oil Rubbed, 625 (US26) Bright Chromium Plated, 626 (US26D) Satin Chromium Plated

ANSI: Certified ANSI/BHMA A156.2, Series 4000 Grade 1.

Fire listings: UL - cUL Fire Label for all door functions up to 3 hours.

Non-Handed : Three non-handed lever options (Augusta, Monroe, and Pacific Beach) comply with ADA requirements for easy gripping and operation.

Door Thickness: 4700LN levers adjustable for doors 1-3/8" (35mm) to 1-3/4" (44mm).

Lock Chassis: Lockset chassis constructed of heavy-gauge cold-rolled steel, trivalent chrome plated to protect against rust and corrosion.

Free wheeling lever trim: All locking functions feature the patented Free Wheeling lever mechanism. When the outside lever is locked, it will rotate freely up and down while remaining securely locked.

Backset: 2-3/4" (70mm) standard.

Stainless steel with 1/2" throw.

Auxiliary Latchbolt: Deadlocking latchbolt prevents manipulation when door is closed.

Front: Wrought brass, bronze, or stainless steel, 2-1/4" (57mm) x 1-1/8" (29mm).

Strike: Wrought brass, bronze or stainless steel ANSI curved lip, 4-7/8" x 1-1/4" x 1-1/4" lip to center standard. Optional strikes, lip lengths and ANSI wrought strike box available.

Cylinder: Brass, 6-pin, Y1 (PARA) keyway standard.

Keying Features Available: 7-pin, Master keying, Construction master keying, Interchangeable core (IC).

Keys: Two nickel silver standard.

Warranty: The 4700LN Series cylindrical lever lock carries a five-year warranty.

Model: Yale, 4729LN, 4729LNAU, 4729LNMO, 4729LNPB, AU4729LN, MO4729LN, PB4729LN, AU4729LN605, AU4729LN606, AU4729LN612, AU4729LN613, AU4729LN625, AU4729LN626, MO4729LN605, MO4729LN606, MO4729LN612, MO4729LN613, MO4729LN625, MO4729LN626, PB4729LN605, PB4729LN606, PB4729LN612, PB4729LN613, PB4729LN625, PB4729LN626, AU4729LN1210, AU4729LN1210LC, AU4729LN1210LC626, AU4729LN1220LC, AU4729LN1220,  AU4729LN1220LC626, MAU4729LN626, BAU4729LN626, MO4729LN1210, MO4729LN1210LC, MO4729LN1210LC626, MO4729LN1220LC, MO4729LN1220,  MO4729LN1220LC626, MMO4729LN626, BMO4729LN626, PB4729LN1210, PB4729LN1210LC, PB4729LN1210LC626, PB4729LN1220LC, PB4729LN1220,  PB4729LN1220LC626, MPB4729LN626, BPB4729LN626


Additional Information

Full-featured grade 1 lever lockset offering

Patented Free Wheeling lever mechanism increases vandal resistance and reduces the amount of maintenance typically required of locksets with rigid levers.

Stainless steel latchbolt provides added strength and wear resistance. Direct 1/2" throw is standard.

Wear-resistant plates in the chassis help extend the life of the lockbody and provide smoother lock operation.

Longer thread locking through-bolts through the chassis provide greater stability and prevent rotation.

Three non-handed lever options (Augusta, Monroe, and Pacific Beach) comply with ADA requirements for easym gripping and operation.

Expanded cylinder and keying options: - Yale 6- and 7-pin standard and interchangeable corecylinders including Yale KeyMark patented keyway cylinders. - Standard cylinders with Schlage C and Sargent LA keyways. Small format interchangeable cores with Best keyways. - Levers which accept interchangeable core cylinders by Best, Schlage, ASSA and Medeco.

3-1/2" roses cover ANSI/BHMA hollow metal door cutout.

The 4700LN meets accessibility guidelines of the Americans with Disabilities Act and the requirements of the Uniform Federal Accessibility Standards and ANSI 117.1, all requiring ease of accessibility for the handicapped.

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