Classroom locks are a lifesaver in the case of severe emergencies on campus. In 2022, it’s more important than ever to take extra precautions in classrooms and school campuses. There are a variety of classroom locks in use today, but what are the essential things to look for in a lock?

#1. Fast Deployment

Deployment speed is a necessity for every door lock. If someone goes to lock the door, the lock should engage in a matter of seconds. This makes it easy to engage a classroom lock even if there’s someone outside the room. Seconds can save lives in situations of emergency. For example, switching from a 16-second deployment to a 4-second deployment is advantageous.

#2. Code and Regulation Compliance

Most classroom locks need to meet a variety of codes and regulations. Try to utilize door locks that satisfy the following: International Building Code, International Fire Safety Code, the National Fire Protection Association 101 provisions on safety, and Americans with Disabilities Act regulations.

#3. Tamper Resistant

All classroom locks should be tamper-resistant so that no students or outside visitors can remove the deadbolt mechanism. There should be an extra level of safety that ensures only certain personnel can alter the door lock. If a piece is stolen, broken, or removed, your lock is at risk of being ineffective in the case of an emergency.

#4. Outside Accessibility for Special Personnel

Outside accessibility is important but should only be allowed for special personnel. There should be a specific key that can open the lock from the outside. However, this should be highly secured and only held by a select few faculty members. Universal keys make it easy for someone to steal and break into all classrooms, which can put everyone's security at risk.

#5. Easy to Use

A lock should always be easy to use so that anyone can lock the door quickly and inefficiently from the