Should you choose a door knob or a door lever? It might seem like a simple task, but door hardware can make a huge impact on the style and function of your space. Unless you are an interior designer or building contractor, most people don’t put much thought into a door knob vs door lever. 

Either option can be practical and functional, depending on the use of the door. There is no solitary reason why you should choose door knobs vs door levers- and vice versa. However, both have drawbacks and benefits that may be cause for choosing a lever over a knob for your home or building. 


Benefits of Door Knobs 

Even the most basic of door knobs can add a touch of style to your home's aesthetic. One reason why people choose door knobs is that you can find so many styles, designs, and finishes. This makes it incredibly easy to choose a door knob that fits the appearance you’re after. 

Door knobs are also practical and affordable. When fitted with the right latches, the knob can be turned either way. In terms of grip, you can opt for an egg or palm-shaped door knob for easier