Learn our tips and advice to get the best bang for your buck on new door hardware and accessories.

Door hardware can make a world of difference in the overall aesthetic appeal of your space. Hardware establishes the personality of your door, adding details and subtle style. That being said, not everyone wants to break the bank on door accessories that are non-essential.

In this blog post, we will clarify how much money you should spend on door hardware, depending on your budget goals, and offer suggestions that fall into each price category.

Affordable - Under $100

Plenty of door hardware brands under $100 mimic the same quality and style of high-end designers. This is an ideal budget for anyone that wants a nice accent added to their home without breaking the bank. Some of the leading brands in this price range include Kwikset, Delaney, Cauldham, Schlage, and Miseno.

Keep in mind that hardware at this cost may be lower quality, but it can still look amazing. This category is ideal for anyone that has a tight budget and needs to replace hardware on multiple doors.

Investment - $150 to $300

Within this price range, you can find higher-quality pieces that have a heavy, sturdy feel to them. This is a good middle ground if you want lasting hardware with a stylish look.

Some of the best brands in this price range are Emtek and Baldwin hardware. Emtek is famous for its sleek designs and minimalist approach to door handle styling. Baldwin’s styles are very similar, offering slightly more stylized designs. While $150 to $300 might appear to be a costly investment, the hardware will last for years without signs of wear.

High-End Splurge - $400-$800

For some people, it might be hard to imagine that door hardware can cost hundreds of dollars. However, this splurge price range is popular for luxury locations, modern homes, and commercial properties. Hardware at this price point is often handmade and crafted with unique styles that create an exclusive product.

Some brands to check out are Rocky Mountain Hardware, Rejuvenation, Samuel Heath, Grandeur, and E.R Butler & Co. Hardware from these companies will feel heavy to the touch and last seemingly forever.


There are dozens of door hardware brands within each price point, so do your research to find what works best for your property in terms of balancing style with functionality.

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