You want to make sure your commercial space is safe. Along with the people inside who work and visit, learn, get healed, or shop. To do that, you need a heavy-duty commercial door lock that is designed for high security to provide the best protection.

Commercial Door Locks

Is There a Difference Between Commercial and Residential Locks?

Actually, yes. You would never want to put a residential lock on your school, hospital, or business doors. Commercial locks receive a higher grade from the Builders home Manufacturers Association. Their accredited organization sets standards and codes for builder's hardware, grouping locks into three grades.

All commercial door locks and closures are considered grade 1. That means they are the strongest and most secure for high-traffic areas and places of sensitivity (like museums, clinics, and universities). Since they are strong, they should hold up to intense use and last longer than their residential counterparts.

So, let’s get into the five different types of heavy-duty commercial door locks that should be on your radar.

1. Yale Locks

Yale locksets are made by the company Yale- one of the oldest lock producers on the market. So, this type of lock is more of a brand than a style. You can find everything from deadbolts to knob locks and beyond in the Yale collection. They really do it right.

2. Mortise Locks

Another commercial-grade door lock is a mortise. It is durable and great for doors that receive lots of traffic. Mortise locks are made in two parts- the cylinder and the body. What makes a mortise so secure is that the deadbolt is inside the body, which means super resistance to forced entry.

3. Electric Strikes

The electric strike door lock is high-security. Imagine you walked up to an apartment building, pressed a button, and someone hit an “unlock” button to open the door for you. That’s the basic idea of an electric strike. This is a great security option to use with, say, a panic bar.

4. Panic Bars

Panic bars (also known as push bars or crash bars) are typically used on emergency exit doors in commercial buildings. Their design was based on allowing quick exits if panic were to occur, hence the easy-open bar instead of a doorknob. Panic door hardware is usually spring-loaded or controlled by a touchpad.

5. Cylindrical Lever Locks

If you're looking for a heavy-duty commercial lock that's easy to install, try a cylindrical lever lock. This type of door mechanism is high-security because it uses multiple levers within the lock. Commercial standards typically call for three to five levers. The more levers, the more secure it is.

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