Before deciding on the perfect screen door for your house or business, there are a few things to understand. Finding the ideal screen door is more than just a design choice, as it depends on the size and location of the door.

You want to ensure that you are optimizing functionality and investing in a durable door for long-term use. Here are some things to consider when choosing the best screen door.

Type of Closer

Door closers vary in price, with a wide range of customizable preferences. They help prevent the screen door from swinging uncontrollably in the wind or being affected by other environmental stressors. It’s important to look at all four door closer types and decide what will be best for your home’s needs.

Door Orientation, Size, and Weight

Before you can decide on a screen door closer, you have to consider the orientation, size, and weight of the door. The pull of the door closer should be working together with the natural swing of the door.

Screen doors will each come with different variables of these critical points. Depending on your priorities, you may need a heavier duty door for added security. All of these components should be taken into account.

How Often You Use the Door

Consider how often you use the door. Light-use screen doors are suitable for side doors that don’t have a lot of traffic. They will be more affordable but will wear out quicker over time. A standard-use screen door will last you 10-15 years and is perfect for the front door.

It can handle a decent amount of daily use but isn’t as strong as heavy duty. You should invest in a heavy-duty screen door if you live in a busy household or commercial location where multiple people use the door daily.

Force When Closing

The best screen door should have a way to control closing force; otherwise, your door will slam shut and cause issues down the line.

This usually includes a spring box or hydraulic tube, which will differ depending on the door's weight. Take this step into account to find what’s best for your needs and lifestyle.

Space Between Doorframe and Screen

It’s essential to consider the frame distance, especially when choosing a closer for your door. The screen door closer should be attached to the door and the doorframe.

Keep in mind that the closer won't fit securely if the distance is too great. Everything should line up and be designed to support the door’s size, weight, and frequency of use.

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