Due to its space-saving features and modern style, pocket doors are widely used in residential construction. However, the proper locks must be installed on pocket doors to maintain discretion and safety. Here, we'll learn about the many kinds of locks used as pocket door hardware and how to install them.

  • Security Padlocks

When installing a pocket door, secrecy is a top priority. The purpose of a privacy lock is to restrict who can enter a certain area. Locking mechanisms that may be activated from a single side are a common feature. When privacy is at a premium, such as in a bedroom, bathroom, or home office, these locks come in handy.

  • Keypad Locks

Pocket doors might benefit from keypad locks for increased safety. These locks require a key to open, offering an added degree of protection. keypad locks are a good choice for places where extra protection is needed, such as the door to a home office or a room housing expensive possessions.

  • Mortise Locks

Pocket doors can also use mortise locks. These locks are concealed into the door's structure for a neat finish. Mortise locks are highly adaptable pocket door hardware due to their availability in privacy and key varieties. They are dependable and long-lasting due to their solid build quality.

  • Flush Pulls

When possible, discreet locking mechanisms are preferred by certain homeowners. Flush pulls with built-in locks offer a simple and contemporary option. These knobs have been built into the door for a sleek appearance. While they can't compare to the security of keypad door locks, they're often adequate in places where personal privacy is most important.

  • Hook Bolts

Hook bolt locks are a unique choice for pocket doors. They are sturdy and durable locks because of the hook-shaped bolt that hooks into the door frame. These locks are the best option when a strong locking mechanism is required, such as on a heavy pocket door or a door in a high-traffic area.

  • Teardrop Locks

Teardrop privacy locks are a fashionable and effective alternative for pocket doors. These locks, shaped like a teardrop and simple to use, are also visually striking. They find widespread use in modern and minimalist home design schemes and pocket door hardware where aesthetics play a central role.

  • Integrated Locks 

Locks are often included in the cavity slider hardware of some pocket door designs. These locks are installed inside the door frame, so they are not visible outside. Those seeking a minimalist design may appreciate this choice, as it eliminates the need for locks.


Locks for pocket doors should be chosen with practicality and visual appeal in mind. You may choose a lock that best suits your demands for privacy, security, or a combination of the two. There are benefits to using every form of lock, from the simplest keypad lock to the most advanced teardrop privacy lock. By learning about the features available, you can make a choice that improves the safety and aesthetics of your pocket door hardware.