It's no wonder, then, that the opening of our homes to those that would do them harm leaves us feeling violated and angry. It's time to take action. And smart action starts with the first line of defense - security hardware on your doors and windows. Let's take a look at five must-have security hardware for your new home: door hinges, mortise lock, LCN door closers, exit alarms, and glass break detectors.

The door hinge is the most basic but still necessary component in securing your entryway set of doors or even just one door if you live in an apartment building where all entries are secured from inside the residence through individual keys or key codes. Door hinges secure your door against the most common and most common of thieves, someone that just wants to move the door aside to get inside your home. They are hollowed out so that they can be easily drilled with the security screws on the back of the door itself that hold them in place. There is a set screw on top of the hinge at an angle, this serves as a stop against people trying to put it over backward. These types of hinges are typically made of aluminum or steel and come in a variety of colors from silver, gold, and various other metals including stainless steel as well.

A mortise lock is the strongest type of lock that you can use to secure your door. They are not as common as a traditional deadbolt and require a key to open it. Mortise locks are also more difficult to remove than other types of locks but they do not require keys, which is why they are so good for security purposes. They also typically look like a regular key lock when you open them up but inside are multiple wheels and cams that move against each other until the correct combination is found to unlock it. The biggest downfall of this type of lock is that it requires a hole in the door that must be drilled out. To install this type of lock, you need to pay very close attention to the instructions and follow them religiously or you will have problems later.

LCN Door Closers are made for heavy-duty doors such as those that lead into your garage or basement because they can withstand the force of these doors being slammed shut over and over again. They are very user-friendly and simple to install. LCN door closers come in various sizes from light duty, medium duty up to heavy-duty, and all have a variety of features according to their size. You can purchase these closers in single cylinders or two-way models.

An exit alarm is exactly what it sounds like, an alarm that goes off when the door of your home, business, or apartment building is opened. These alarms are made to be very sensitive and can easily detect when a door is opened whether it's from the inside or the outside. They give off a loud siren noise that can't be shut off until someone deactivates it. You want to buy these for all your doors leading outside of your home and even inside if you have kids or pets that are likely to forget to close the door behind them.

A glass break detector is a security device known for picking up on vibrations through walls and will alert you with an alarm if someone breaks in through a window in the house. They can be as small as a box or as large as a medium-sized refrigerator. The smaller models will alert you when there is any break-in through a window. The larger don't only detect the wall vibrating but also will alert the people inside of the house to look out their windows. Many newer models have sensors that can pick up on motion in your home from your home security video camera that turns off when it detects no one is in the room.

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