You are trying to fit your doors with the right commercial lockset and hardware. You have narrowed down your choices, and you’re either going to pick a mortise or cylindrical lock. But what’s the difference between mortise and cylindrical locks? Let’s look at a comparison between the two popular commercial hardware types.

Mortise Locksets

So, Mortise locks are mostly used in commercial buildings. You probably won’t see one in a residential home. Compared to cylindrical locks, you can usually find them in a wider variety of designs and styles. This could be one major plus if interior design is a priority.

This type of lock requires a pocket. So, a pocket will be cut into the door first, and then the mortise lock will be fitted in that pocket. You can also choose from various thickness levels for a proper fit.

Components of a Mortise Lockset

The hardware components of a mortise lock are different from a cylindrical one. Mortise lockets involve a chassis with a deadbolt and latch bolt, either levers or knobs for a handle, and the lock trim of your choice.

You’ll find a strike plate to reinforce the holes made in the door frame. And, last but not least, mortise locks have a keyed cylinder to unlock and lock the body.

Since these locks go in the door frame, they are considered more secure for a commercial environment. They are also considered more durable over time.

Cylindrical Locksets

One of the main differences between a mortise and cylindrical lockset is the installation. These locks are actually installed through the door itself- not in a pocket in the frame. Because of its simplicity, you can easily install one of these yourself.

Many residential homes use cylindrical locks on the front or outer doors. But you will see this lock almost always on an interior door in commercial buildings. We are talking about interior office doors, supply closets, and similar spaces. You can also find cylindrical locks in multiple grades, which allows you to customize for security level.

Components of a Cylindrical Lockset

Again, the hardware components of cylindrical locks are a bit different from mortise sets. This commercial lock type includes a lock chassis, latch bolt, either a knob or lever for a handle, and a semi-customizable trim. The keyed cylinder is within the knob or lever itself- a big difference. You can always add on a deadbolt for extra security, but it will be an additional lockset.

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