It’s almost that time of year again when trick-or-treaters line the streets, waiting to fill their basket with chocolates and candy. While spooks and scares will run rampant this Halloween, make sure the not-so-fun kind doesn’t happen at your house. Follow these six home safety tips to protect yourself, your home, and candy-seekers this Halloween

1. Brighten Visibility

Though darkness sets the mood for Halloween, it’s important to keep walkways and the front porch brightly lit. Keeping things well-lit helps trick-r-treaters find their way to your door and avoids stumbles or wandering to the wrong part of your home. Plus, you can keep a better eye out for any Halloween mischievousness.

2. Make a Clear Path for Trick-R-Treaters

Jumping off the point above, clear a direct path for potential trick-r-treaters. That means cleaning leaves or fallen tree debris from your sidewalk, walkways, and front porch. Move potted plants to the sides to prevent people from accidentally stumbling over them, too. Do this the day before or the day of.

3. Use Motion Sensors

After trick-or-treaters have come and gone, activate those motion sensor lights. Usually, any mischievous behavior happens late in the night on Halloween. A motion sensor will help scare away mischief makers by illuminating your property. The reason we suggest waiting to use motion sensors until the candy runs out is that you should have your porch light always on during trick-or-treating hours.

4. No Slip Steps

If you have steep steps or steps that get slippery in damp weather, the last thing you’d want is for you or someone’s child to slip and fall. You could apply friction tape to the edge of each step to help solve this issue.

5. Keep an Eye on Your Cars

Do you keep your car parked in the driveway? Consider moving it into the garage or somewhere that won’t block your view of what’s going on near your front porch. If you live in a somewhat rural community but still expect trick-r-treaters, make sure there is room for parents to pull up and back out of your driveway.

6. Use LEDs In Jack-o’-Lanterns

Though nothing quite compares to the feel of using real candles in your homemade jack-o’-lantern, LED lights are undoubtedly the safest option if you plan on setting them on your front porch unattended. Purchase a pack of battery-operated LED lights that resemble candles and use those in your outside décor.

Stay Safe This Holiday Season

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